7 Common Vaping Misconceptions
19 Augs, 2018 - by John Snow | Technology

7 Common Vaping Misconceptions

Although the new generation vapes are pretty new, vaping has recorded a significant growth in the last few years.

In a class are users who can swear by these new inventions and boost their uniqueness, referring to them as one of the best inventions in recent times. The other category consists of people who condemn this raging consumption route, referencing it as a new ‘trick’ to initiate the youngsters into nicotine usage.

These debates for and against vaping have promoted different vaping misconceptions, as they are not sure where to draw the lines between the actual dangers and benefits of vaping.

Reading on, you’ll discover seven common vaping misconceptions.Quickly, let’s discuss them

1. All vaping devices are the same

Many are still in the past about vape devices and do not know the vape market is flooded with varieties.

First, there are analogue-like pens which resemble actual cigarettes. These are the initial pens introduced and first promoted the quit-smoke transition. These options have limited functionalities and features.However, these are the cheapest options you’d find on the market. Besides, they come with pretty straightforward usage and without so many personalizable options. This makes it a good recommendation for starters. 

However, as the interests and options increase, seasoned and intermediate users may desire something more.In no time, the industry has grown from analogues to vape pens, which brought vaping its new-found fame. These options come pen-shaped and allow some degree of customization. They also allow parts replacement and modification. Vape pens are also refillable with e-liquids, instead of outright cartridge replacement.

Next are vape mods. These mods are the in-thing in the vaping world and are available in different styles and features – from simple small-sized to complex outlandish designs and functionalities.Users say mods offer the best of the three alternatives, except that, expectedly, they are more expensive.However, they feature high-grade material and much more durability.

If you wish to quit the sticks, you may consider pens and mods, as they allow you gauge your nicotine intake and help you cut down on it over time.

2. The Vaping e-liquid is Shrewd in secrecy

This is widely incorrect. Although not all brands display the individual content of your vape juice on product labels, with reputable sellers, you can investigate e-juice ingredients and even their production process.

Often, e-juices from reputable shops contain just four ingredients, namely:

  • Flavoring
  • Vegetable glycerine
  • Propylene glycol
  • Nicotine

If you’re getting your product from a reputable brand, these components are usually clearly stated on the bottle’s label. Companies like Montrose Cannabis have a list of top-quality vape juice flavors that come with the safest possible ingredients.Also, local suppliers may be better options as they adhere to safety and related regulations.

3. All e-liquids contain high nicotine

Fact is, many jump at vapes just for the fun and the range of soothing flavors. 

In fact, manufacturers report higher demand for their zero-nicotine and low-nicotine vape options than their nicotine-richer alternatives.Some manufacturers sell only zero-nicotine alternatives. So, if you’ve always held that wrong perception that vaping was merely a sophisticated way of dosing nicotine, you’ll need a rethink.

4. Vaping is a gateway to smoking

Fact is, vapes were initially designed to help smokers quit. Truly, with the vaping invention, many smokers have quit in the last couple years. Since vaping devices allow users to control how much nicotine they consume, [with consistent reduction over time], they find it relatively easy to finally bid their addiction farewell.

5. E-cigarettes explosion is unavoidable

Although a handful of users have reported e-cig explosions, most cases were traced to users’ deeds, or misdeeds.For example, many users are ignorant of the right storage recommendations for their e-cig batteries. This may cause overheating and a resultant explosion.

Also, buying cheap imitations are also a chief cause of device malfunctioning and explosions.With these, it’s pretty easy to avoid such concerns – simply buy from reputable sellers and brands with good history for top-quality products and with clear usage and safety guides.

6. Smoking and vaping have similar dangers

Since they both fall under inhalation, many can’t draw a clear line between smoking and vaping.But first, note that burning, smoking in itself, releases a truckload of toxins. Tobacco, for instance, not only turns out to be a carcinogen when fired up, but regular smoking can dampen your sense of smell and taste.

Besides the risk of carcinogens, regular smokers are usually exposed to dangerous chemicals like arsenic, vinyl chloride, carbon monoxide and arsenic.The main ingredient found in both cigarettes and e-liquids is nicotine, which doesn’t possess as dangerous effects as other components in cigarettes. Besides, godly use of vaping can help you quit tobacco.

7. Second-hand vapor is as bad as second-hand smoke

While vapor released from e-juices may disturb non users around, it doesn’t possess the harmful contents of second hand tobacco-smoke.

When fired, tobacco contains several carcinogens that move in the air and, when inhaled, can cause complications. So, although vapor may not be entirely safe, it’s arguably safer than traditional cigarettes.Vaping offers a safer and more exciting inhalation alternative and can be used recreationally, less issues.

Vapes may also be a good way to transit from cigarettes and become nicotine addiction-free. But yet, the industry is still widely underregulated, making reputable suppliers your most trusted bet.


Hopefully, now you’re better informed. 

As the vaping world grows bigger, and vaping knowledge increases, these old myths and misunderstandings would soon be a thing of the past. However, henceforth, ensure you actively participate in spreading these new-found truths, dispelling the long-held falsehoods.For more about vaping, check out our rich informative resources. These helpful guides not only help you stay on top of your vaping game, it helps you navigate through the vaping market to make the best-informed decision.

Not sure where to get your vaping products? Look no further, Montrose Dispensary is your surest bet for everything vaping – from a long list of vape mods and pens to a wide range of e juices, and everything between. Well, don’t take my words for it – see for yourself. 

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