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A Higher Level Of Thought

Taking the best of everything that has come before while embracing the leading edge of today’s hyperspeed social change, we are curators at heart. By bringing together the most provocative and evolved aspects of everything from cannabis strains to storage to cultural content, we’re helping to host this intertwining party we call our lives. We like to say we offer the most thoughtful choices in the industry.

Everything we do is collaborative, often talking to hundreds of customers to refine our products. Your personal contribution is much more than welcome – it’s essential. Plain and simple, we’re here to inspire the thinker in each of us. Here’s to the highest common denominator.

Cannabis Curation Committee

Consists of Canadian cannabis connoisseurs hand-picked from over 25k applicants. Composed of individuals from all walks of life, the CCC’s main role is an important one – to help curate the best cannabis cultivars that Canada has to offer.

Budtender Guest Chairs

Chosen budtenders are given the opportunity to evaluate side-by-side with our Cannabis Curation Committee for the span of a month and use their front-line expertise to help curate future AHLOT Cannabis Collections multi-packs.


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