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Being Oral Strips

Fast-acting Being Oral Strips, are like a breath strip infused with micronized cannabis that dissolves in your mouth. Available in both THC and CBD formulations.

Easy, effective, and efficient, this is Being.


Despite being fast-acting, inhalation methods make it virtually impossible to take precise doses of THC or CBD. Being Oral Strips deliver 10 mg of THC or 10 mg of CBD every time, taking the guesswork out of dosing, for good.


Being Oral Strips are individually-wrapped, odourless, razor thin, and travel well in a pocket, clutch or wallet, making these the simplest way to take cannabis, whenever and wherever you need it. No pipe, papers, vaporizer, oil dropper or glass of water needed.


While edibles, oils and capsules typically take 60 minutes or more to pass through the digestive system, Being Oral Strips dissolve in your mouth and are absorbed sublingually delivering cannabinoids directly to the bloodstream in as little as five minutes or less.


When dissolved, the strip bypasses the digestive system, making them not only faster than other orally-dosed products, but also making more of the cannabinoids available to the body than other methods because they deliver THC and CBD directly to the bloodstream


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