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This brand is for the real smokers, the blazers, the connoisseurs. It starts with the growers; decades of cultivation experience. Next come the genetics. Exotic crosses, indoor grown, small batch, hand-trimmed, hung dry and meticulously cured. If you’re searching for that fire, you’ve found it.

small batch

Our flower is delicately hand-trimmed to ensure every bud is reviewed and manicured with trichomes intact.

hand trimmed

We have yet to see a machine that does our flower justice. All our buds are perfectly hand trimmed to ensure bag appeal.

hang dried

Drying and curing cannabis properly is an art. Hang drying allows us to properly ensure perfect moisture levels.

hand packaged

Every detail matters, from the size and number of nugs, to how they are handled. Eighth’s & Quarters come in Glass and all flower is sealed to preserve freshness.


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