Supplier: BOAZ

Old-school craft meets modern Eco-innovation.

With a small team of employees and craft partners, BOAZ is about being part of a family.

From helping the community through its medical cannabis program to now making waves in the Canadian recreational market.

small batch

We grow in small batches with strain specific lighting and nutrient cycles to get the most out of our plants.


Hand Water. Hang Dry. Hand Trimmed. Hand Rolled. Hand Packaged. Hand labeled.

hang dried

Not just because we love the ‘living wall’, but because it produces the smoothest smoke and best flavour.

COLD cured

We cold cure for a minimum of 14 days in food grade barrels that are burped daily. We target a final moisture content of 11-14%.


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Montrose is an OCS authorized independent cannabis retail store located in Pickering Ontario. Offering same day delivery, in-store shopping, and pickup.



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