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Everyone knows the history of BC bud.
We lived it.

Broken Coast launched in 2013 and became one of the first medicalcannabis producers licensed in British Columbia. Starting as a humble facility, we’ve since moved into a self-designed 44,000 square-foot building on the shores of the Salish Sea. We’re dedicated TO breeding and cultivating the highest grade cannabis, and strive to enhance the reputation for quality that BC bud has earned worldwide.

Only our best-performing genetics are selected for production. Even then only the strongest clones make it to harvest. Our plants are precisely pruned to concentrate energy in only the topmost colas, improving consistency and minimizing ‘popcorn’ buds. When we talk about to ‘popcorn buds’, we’re referring to small flower formations that don’t have the same visual appeal as their larger flower counterparts — but they’re only different in size.From our team of master growers to the trimmers who carefully hand prepare each bud, every point of contact in the Broken Coast production chain is designed to maximize quality and product integrity.

small batch

Rather than a vast, open air facility, we custom built small laboratory-grade growing rooms. Each room houses a single strain, allowing us to provide optimal growing conditions for each individual cannabis variety.


No machine can match a human eye and a well trained hand. We trim every Broken Coast harvest by hand, rather than using an automated tumbler. By choosing the slower path, we can inspect the quality of each individual bud.

hang dried

Not just because we love the ‘living wall’, but because it produces the smoothest smoke and best flavour.


Real quality takes time. We slow cure every Broken Coast harvest in order to maximize flavour and potency. Once trimmed, our buds are air cured in rooms monitored for temperature, airflow and humidity. We never rush the cure by using heat or desiccation.


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