Cannabis Edibles Dosing Guide
19 Augs, 2018 - by John Snow | Technology

Cannabis Edibles Dosing Guide

With the right consumption guide, edibles are a great way to dose cannabis – whether for medical or recreational purposes.On the other hand, things can easily go south with the wrong dosage. In fact, edibles may trigger the most dreaded side effects than any other cannabis dosage alternative.

For an enjoyable cannabis experience, getting the right dosage can make a great difference.To help you stay within such desirable limits [even from your first trial] this edible dosage guide comes in handy.

Cannabis edibles are available in different forms, including foods, sweets, beverages, and whatnot.Although many say these products can’t be overdosed to an extent where they cause any notable long-term effect, it’s easy to take too much – no thanks to their palatable appeal.

Before we walk through a guide to a safe and effective cannabis dosage, let’s discuss some factors that dictate how high cannabis edibles make you feel.

What determines edibles potency?

People react differently to medications. The same way, a person’s reaction to a specific amount of edibles may differ from another person’s, even with the same dose.Such varying effects may be caused by different factors, including cannabis use history, function of our individual endocannabinoid system and gastrointestinal factors. For these, some cannabis users are highly sensitive to THC and may only tolerate a low dosage.

Generally, going above the 100 mg limits to higher amounts – say between 150mg and above – may be considered extreme doses. At such high levels, users may experience typical adverse reactions associated with excessive cannabis consumption, including paranoia and nausea. With these high amounts, even seasoned cannabis users may experience some of these undesirable effects. 

That brings us to the pretty tricky [but commonly asked] question…

How much edibles [in mg] should you take?

There is no one-fits-all cannabis dosage. As mentioned, an appropriate dosage may depend on a range of factors, including individual tolerance, body chemistry, and the desired experience.Still, some guidelines may help you work out a suitable consumption limits – usually measured in mgs (milligrams). Let go over some dosage ranges:

1 to 2.5 mg edibles

This dosage range may be best for mild relief from symptoms like stress, anxiety, pain, as well as for increased creativity and focus.This amount may be ideal for first timers or intermediate users wishing to microdose. 

  1. 5 to 15 mg edibles

Within this range, users may experience stronger relief from anxiety and pain symptoms. However, impaired perception, and coordination, as well as euphoria may also occur.This dosage spectrum is ideal for recreational intents, recurrent symptoms that defy lower doses, and people who seek a long peaceful night rest.

30 to 50 mg

If you’re taking any dosage within this limit, expect highly impaired perception, poor coordination and other undesirable effects like pain, nausea, paranoia, and rapid heart rate.This dosage amount is recommended for more experienced THC users with high tolerance level, people battling inflammatory concerns, and other critical conditions like cancer.

Cannabis edibles microdosing

Microdosing refers to using edibles in small amounts but more frequently to achieve an expected result. This way, while you aim at achieving the desired results, you reduce the chances of getting stoned.For instance, rather than a once-a-day 5mg dosage, you can spread the same amount into 1 mg, 5 times daily. 

microdosing is most recommended for first timers/inexperienced users who wish to find out a safe dosage limit overtime.

How soon will I feel the effects?

Too often, cannabis overconsumption happens when cannabis users top up their dosage a few minutes after an initial dose. They do not understand that edibles’ effects [unlike inhalation] come in bits and may climax about an hour or two after dosage.

If you’re still new to edibles and not sure at what point to slow down your doses, the simple rule of thumb says to start low and work up your doses to more suitable amounts.

CBD and THC in your edibles

CBD and THC are the primary compounds in cannabis edibles. While CBD is widely known for its therapeutic potentials, THC is responsible for the prized psychoactive effect.That said, research shows using these compounds together delivers far more potent medical benefits than any individual compound can. The synergistic effect is particularly known to relieve pain, and anxiety.

Interestingly, CBD’s presence reduces the adverse effects, including elevated heart rate and impairment of certain psycho-related functions.Research authors say CBD inhibits THC’s psychoactive effects, allowing consumers to get the best of both THC and CBD but with less intoxicating effects.

Cannabis products with equal THC: CBD ratios are exceptionally therapeutic and may deliver less adverse effects, unlike a THC-only or THC dominant variant.

Things to note before using cannabis edibles

  • THC contains biphasic characteristics. that is while a small dose may deliver some impressive results,(like anxiety relief) larger doses may deliver the opposite reaction – increase anxiety
  • Consuming THC edibles without eating can fasten the absorption level and with more intense effect. besides, fat-rich meals increases the body’s absorption of THC
  • You may experience a whole different effect if you use THC outside your typical dosage routine
  • If you ever overdose THC edibles and become uncomfortable, try to lay down, eyes closed and slow by deep breaths. a comic movie may help you feel good. 

If you’re having breathing anomalies, discuss with your healthcare provider immediately.

Final Note

Edibles are no doubt one of the most effective and potent ways to dose cannabis. However, going overboard with your doses can cause some undesirable effects that may ruin your experience.However, knowing where to slow down on your dosage will come real handy. Always remember the rule of thumb- start low and slowly adjust your doses to more suitable levels. 

For more about cannabis, safe dosage limits and top quality products, Montrose Cannabis is your trusted bet. Our experienced staffs are always willing to lead you through the safest routes to using your cannabis products.

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