Cannabis Oral Spray

How would it feel like enjoying cannabis doses with just a spritz or two in your mouth?

Sounds great, right?

As the cannabis community increases, manufacturers are drafting more convenient dosage alternatives for the increasing taste preferences.

Excitingly, cannabis sprays are one way to dose weed’s benefits without smoke inhalation. All it entails is to spray the content beneath your tongue or in your mouth.

This dosage alternative has some unique, exciting benefits – whether for recreational or medical purposes.

By way of exploring cannabis sprays more in-depth, this article takes you through the basics of cannabis spray, answering commonly asked questions like:

  • What is cannabis spray?
  • Does cannabis oral spray get one high?
  • Are oral sprays better off than smoking?
  • How are oral sprays used?
  • How long does cannabis oral spray effect last?

As well as where to buy cannabis oral spray and even more

Does it get you high?

Whether or not you get high after using cannabis sprays is dependent on the particular product. High-THC products are intentionally formulated, among other things, for their ‘high’ potency. If you seek cannabis’ psychoactive properties, opt for sprays with high THC concentration.

One fascinating thing about cannabis sprays is their long-lasting effects. While the impact from smoking joints may only linger for one or a few couple hours, spray’s effects stay several hours longer.

Conversely, if you wish to stop at cannabis health benefits without the high, then CBD-based sprays (with little or no THC) are your surest bet.

Smoking or sprays?

There’s actually no one best way to use cannabis. While safety, convenience, and effect speed are typical factors to consider, it’s all your call – do your homework, experiment with the options, and see what works best for your health condition and lifestyle.

While sprays are discreet and safer, smoking is faster-acting and quite satisfying.

You can mix up the options – sometimes smoke, other times spray.

This way, you can sustain your Cannabidiol levels all through the day, regardless of your day’s routine.

If you’re used to smoking weed, you may complement it with some quick sprays at intervals.

Besides, a few spritzes before your smoke can help you keep the effects a lot longer and generally more enjoyable.

Besides the recreational angle

Oral sprays deliver more than just a high. In fact, some sprays are primarily not intended to leave you stoned. This is where the decision to opt for CBD or THC (chief ingredients in cannabis) comes in.

While THC delivers the psychoactive effect widely termed ‘high,’ CBD is primarily prized for its potential therapeutic tendencies.

To balance the effect, opt for a cannabis spray with moderate THC – CBD concentration. If you seek the best of both worlds and still do not wish to get high, then buy a product with high CBD and low THC.

This way, THC enhances CBD’s therapeutic effects while CBD balances out THC’s psychoactive tendencies. Interestingly, studies show that CBD can reduce THC’s psychoactivity.

How can I use cannabis sprays?

One interesting thing about cannabis sprays is the ease of use. No need for water to flush it down (as with capsules and pills), no lingering smell as with topicals, and unlike smoking, it’s remarkably discreet.

Dosage can be a breeze – simply open the product, pump a spritz into your mouth, and …that’s it.

While Cannabis oral sprays can be swallowed, they are best used beneath the tongue or inside the cheeks. The glands beneath the tongue and your inner cheeks absorb the liquid for direct delivery into the bloodstream.

However, remember to shake the bottle properly to mix the cannabis extract and carrier oil before your dose.

How much cannabis spray can I use?

There are no one-fits-all prescriptions for cannabis products, including sprays. The effects vary across users based on several factors, including age, usage frequency, sex, and the amount dosed.

The rule of thumb says to starts small and work up your doses to more suitable amounts.

For starters, consider a product with low THC or with close CBD-to-THC levels for a more balanced effect.

To have an idea of what you’re consuming, check the product’s packaging to know the cannabinoids concentrations.

How long does it take to feel the effects?

Your body processes cannabis based on the product used.

The key difference between inhaling cannabis and oral consumption is the time it takes to feel the effect and how long the results last. While smoking or inhalation delivers an almost immediate effect, it may take up to say 3 to 5 minutes to feel the impact from oral sprays.

Also, oral spray delivers longer-lasting effects than inhalation. While oral doses may stay up to 6 hours, or even more, with smoking, the notable effects may fade off in one or two hours.

Where can I buy cannabis oral spray

Cannabis sprays are not scarce.

While you can check around the local dispensaries, a simple “where can I buy cannabis oral spray” google search will lead you to several cannabis online stores.

As earlier mentioned, when scouting, watch out for the THC and CBD concentrations. While some products cater to the needs of recreational weed users, others are more about the therapeutic effects.

Again, note that with the surge in cannabis demand, there are a disturbing number of fake products with misleading labels on the market.

Besides that these products do not contain cannabis properties as advertised on the labels; they are packed with harmful chemicals, which can cause severe health challenges.


Cannabis spray is one exciting way to enjoy cannabis’ promised effects.

Sprays come with unique benefits – they are convenient, discreet, and usually come in portable spray bottles. The content is thoughtfully formulated to prevent any ‘telling’ odor or flavor.

Also, with the consistent pumps and dosage recommendations on the label, the risk of a possible overdose is cut down.

So far, research is silent on any exclusive side effects of using sprays – except that you may need to wait some minutes for the effect.

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