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Coterie celebrates community, shared tastes, and art in all its forms. We dream of a vibrant world that’s always more than the sum of its parts. Where do you fit in? Wherever you want. You’re always a piece of our mind.

You reap what you sow.

You’ve got to be the transformation you want to see in your world. That’s why we’re always innovating, to bring you new and exciting ways to enjoy yourself. And why we’re constantly cultivating a diverse offering of unique, quality cannabis products.


That’s why we grow our cannabis in an all-natural, organic coconut coir. It’s a sustainable process that we own from planting to picking, and it keeps everything in house, where we can keep the care and quality high. Once trimmed, dried, and cured for 30 days, Mendo Breath Hybrid brings you sweet citrus with a spicy, earthy finish. Enjoy it anyway you like.

Packed with love.

Our environmentally conscious packaging is 100% recyclable, and sustainable in landfills. It’s good for the earth, and good for you, keeping your cannabis at optimal moisture and oxygen levels and reducing static charge. We care about leaving the smallest possible footprint. It’s all about walking softly and carrying a big bag of treats.

All signs point to a good time.

We designed the Coterie Wheel to encapsulate our ethos, and help you navigate your way through our offerings, through the seven pillars that uphold our progressive outlook on the cannabis industry.


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