Dab Dabbing

Dab is an umbrella name for cannabis concentrates, including crumble, budder, shatter, wax or sauce.

Dabbing refers to the act of inhaling the vapor released by such concentrates after being heated by an e-rig, vaporizer, or dab rig.

These concentrates usually deliver many times higher potency than a regular marijuana flower.

Also, with its concentrated terpene content, dabs produce a way higher flavorful effect than marijuana herbs.

Also, since vaporizers release vapor (not smoke), they usually deliver a relatively smoother and cleaner taste if used rightly.

Budder, badder, crystalline, sauce, rosin, live resin, honey oil, and butane hash oil(BHO) are common THC products that can be dabbed.

Dabbing – what you should know

In no time, dabbing is gaining good traction among cannabis users. Many prefer this innovation for its higher potency and flavorful experience. Dabs are most commonly consumed with a dab rig – a chamber made of glass, as in bongs.

Rigs usually come with a ceramic, titanium, quartz, or glass nail, otherwise called a banger. Dabbers may use an e-nail or e-torch to set up a temperature that turns the concentrates to vapor in no time.

For the typical cannabis smell, you’d get a bit of it with dabs, but they don’t stay for too long. Besides, with portable e-rigs and handheld vaporizers, dabbing offers you a discreet way to get high and enjoy all cannabis promises.

However, one downside of using this method is the cost of tools and accessories and the bit of experience needed to set up and use the devices efficiently.

Note that the nail temperature affects flavor and how easy you can clean your nail after use. Also, research has found that temperature may determine the concentrate’s effects.

At high temperatures, you may scorch and ruin your concentrates, delivering a harsh astringent taste. Plus, at such extreme temperatures, the concentrate may leave some after-use effects that make cleaning a problematic chore.

However, at low temperatures, you’ll get a poorly heated result with weak vapor. Also, low-temp dabs leave behind ill-vaped oil that can easily be cleaned off with a cotton swab.

 A study reveals that terpenes may release chemicals like benzene and methacrolein that are toxic to your respiratory tract when vaporized at high temperatures. That is, dabbing pot concentrates with too-high heat may turn the supposed beneficial compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes into toxins.

How do I vape cannabis concentrates?

Dabbing involves some accessories and specialties that may seem overwhelming for the newbies. But with a couple of practices, you’d have got the hang of it.

Here are steps to help you vape cannabis concentrate with ease:

Step 1:

Heat the nail with your torch. If you’re using a banger or a quartz nail, ensure to heat until visibly red. This way, all the little particles are heated off, and you’d be starting off on a hot surface.

Step 2:

 Allow the nail to cool. While this may come off as counterintuitive, it’s wise to allow the nail to cool when dabbing concentrates, so your dabs don’t get scorched. However, the wait time may depend on factors, including the nail or banger material and its thickness.

However, to get the best from your concentrates, target temperatures between 149 and 232 degrees Celsius or 300 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The rule of thumb says it takes about 30 seconds to one minute before your nail cools.

Again, this depends on the thickness and material of your nail, and how hard it was heated.

It’s important to know exactly how long it takes your nail to cool down. To be exact, you’ll need an infrared thermometer and a dab timer (a stopwatch or a specialized smartphone app will work)

Step 3

Put your concentrate on the nail surface and begin to inhale the vapor slowly.

Unlike your bong or regular cannabis joints, dabs demand long, slow drags since the concentrates vaporize slowly.

Step 4

Where available, you may put on a carb cap on your banger or nail. This helps for a better vapor as you inhale. This cap serves as an oven, trapping in heat from the nail, offering better favor even from low heat.

Step 5:

Don’t hold the vapor in for too long. Exhale almost immediately.

Step 6:

Get your nail ready for the next session

If left to accumulate, the residues may change the flavor of your concentrate. So, ensure your nail is always kept clean.

For easy cleaning, leave your nail for some time to cool down. Then with a cotton swab, wipe the inner part of the nail.

For a more thorough clean, immense a cotton swap in rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) and rub inside the nail.

Getting the hang of your dabbing may require some practice and time. But as soon as you master it, you’d wish you tried it earlier.

How long do dabs stay in the system?

Whether you’re smoking marijuana flowers, eating edibles, or dabbing determines how long the high effects will last.

The THC, which most drug tests investigate, may stay in your system for as many as four weeks, or a lot more, before the metabolites are flushed out and no longer detectable in your urine and saliva.

A couple of factors come to play as per the time it takes to flush out cannabis traces, including:

  • The amount of THC dabbed
  • Your THC experience
  • The method of consumption
  • Individual metabolism

What tools do I need to dab?

  • Nail or banger

This is the attachment that heats the dab to vapor

  • Carb cap

This tool comes in ceramic, glass, titanium, or a quartz material with a little bowl covering the nail top.

 This cap helps lower the banger or nail pressure. It traps the weed and regulates the temperature of the vapor.

  • Rig

Bongs and dab rigs are both called rigs that connect to a nail or bowl.

  • Dabber

This is a tool used to transfer the dab from its storage container onto the nail.

  • Torch

This is used to heat the nail. A butane torch is recommended for the best temperature. For hotter flames, propane torches will do, but they may ruin your nail.

  • Quartz insert

This tool adds an extra surface area to your banger or nail, thereby boosting your chances of getting a good vapor even with low temp dabs. Used on a hot nail, a quartz insert serves as a carb cap.

Wrap up

IF you desire a more potent, decreet, faster-acting, and ‘cleaner’ way to enjoy weed’s effect, consider opting for dabs.

However, if this would be your first epxreince, remember that these concentrates contain many times more ‘high’ than your regular weed. The rule of thumb says to start with the least minimal doses; perhaps a gentle puff will do, and work up your amounts over time.

Not sure where to source your dabs and dab rig and other dabbing accessories?

You can trust Montrose Cannabis for all your quality marijuana products and tools.

Don’t take our words for it, though – you should see for yourself.

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