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Our focus on the biology that makes plants special —including terpenes, strains and flavour profile— drive our efforts to produce a high quality vape product that distills everything that’s good and flavourful from the original plant.


We fill our cartridges with full spectrum Winterized CO2 cannabis extract to preserve the plant's flavour and aroma - no fillers, no additives; pure flavour, the way the plant meant it to be.


Producing high-quality extracts would be in vain without a high-quality vaping cartridge to bring their essence to life. Ours is made with medical-grade stainless steel, a custom glass chamber and a ceramic mouthpiece that meets ISO, CE, RoHS and UL1839 certifications with the most extensive QA and QC testing on the Canadian and International market.

CO2 Extraction

We remove impurities and undesirable components that leave behind nothing but the truest essence of the plant, including its terpenes, flavours and a full spectrum cannabis extract that preserves and protects the original composition, in vape form.

Flavour First

We are all about flavour, but not the kind that fillers and additives create. Flavour, in our humble opinion, is best crafted when you do things well — from the flower we source, to the extraction process and ending in custom, high quality hardware. An approach that ultimately delivers on flavours authentic to every plant’s terpene and flavour profiles.


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