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We all grab dependable things on our way out the door—the simple items that make the day-to-day a little better.

At Feather, our mission is simple. We make great products that elevate the everyday, one person and one moment at a time.

We share a common passion of this growing community. We are patients, enthusiasts and advocates for this community. We’ll apply those values into everything that we do.

And that’s a promise.

c02 Extraction

Method to help augment feed preparation, and relegate temperature, flow, and pressure within a formulation. This is a critical step for the product and the results can only be developed in our laboratory.


The cannabis is trimmed and packaged by machines who cut the bud to ensure top quality.

hang dried

Not just because we love the ‘living wall’, but because it produces the smoothest smoke and best flavour.


During this stage, the oil is purified to a +95% cannabinoid potency and loses minimal cannabinoids throughout the process. This results in a cannabis oil that is low in flavor, has a subtle aroma and is easy to measure as a distillate oil.


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