The BOAZ difference.
Oct 28 2021 - by Montrose

Featured Supplier: BOAZ

Boaz - Premium Cannabis Producer

This week we did a Q&A with William, brand ambassador for one of Canada’s true handcrafted brands, BOAZ. Here’s how it went:

Boaz an Premium Cannabis Producer

Boaz is known for quality hand-crafted cannabis, why do you do everything by hand?

“Doing everything by hand is a matter of not cutting corners. As many budtenders know, a machine can never match a human when it comes to trimming; machine trimming machines skim off trichomes accidentally resulting in ~10% of trichomes being robbed of the resin glands! 

Great example is watering; while some chose to set up complex watering systems to water an entire room within an instant, each plant is going to require a different amount of water at different times, with different nutrients – doing it by hand offers the opportunity for the growing team to address each individual plants’ individual needs!

By doing everything by hand, not only are we assuring the quality of the cannabis is up-to-par, but we create roles within the cannabis industry!”

How do you grow your flower? What cultivation methods or techniques do you utilize?” 

“The story of Boaz flower starts from seed – promising genetics are taken and grown until a Mother Plant can be identified; this is going to be a plant that has all of the unique properties the cultivar was chosen for! 

From there, clones are cut and tracked individually and eventually repotted so they can grow as much as possible during the Vegetative stage. During the Veg stage, plants are watered by-hand and nutrients are mixed due to the needs of the plants; no generic ‘Veg Mixes.’ “

“When the flowering time hits, we change the light cycles as needed before harvesting by hand and hang drying the flower. We then move into the Trimming stage where all the flower is removed from the stem, trimmed, graded, and then stored in C-Vaults for curing to let the terpene profiles develop. Small buds and trim are sent off for extraction, while the big buds are then tested and packaged by hand.”

Boaz focuses on modern eco-innovation. In what ways does your company practice sustainability?” 

“A big thing regarding sustainability is hand-watering. While watering plants can waste a ton of water, watering by hand allows us to use the perfect amount for each plant to ensure we’re not using more than we need to. 

We’re also clever with the space we have, maximizing each square inch with moveable vertical growing racks. Each pod a plant is grown in is also made to be environmentally friendly; we really cut down our carbon footprint wherever possible!”

We know Boaz is a strong advocate for small craft producers. How do you support micro producers who want to enter the industry?” 

“Boaz helps support micro-producers by working directly with them! There are dozens of talented growers making phenomenal flowers across the industry, but due to the high amount of barriers to market, have issues getting their products to the shelves of provincial suppliers/stores. 

Boaz meets the latest and greatest growers and if their methodology matches Boaz’s high standards, we partner with them to release their flower with a 50/50 deal! That way, they can focus on growing premium cannabis and we can take care of the rest.”

Being at $50 for 3.5g, how do you respond to those who have an issue with the price?

“I always respond with a somber “dude, I get it” – the sad reality is that OCS adds an additional 30% premium to the flower before selling it to retailers, which then adds another round of taxation and retail mark-up. Our flower is much more affordable in other markets, such as Alberta’s. 

That being said, many clienteles don’t really get this or don’t care, so to them, I say: Good Bud ain’t cheap, and Cheap Bud ain’t good; individual care & craft methodology raise the price of the flower as everyone along the way who’s touched this bud deserves a fair wage for their work – from trimmers to budtenders.”

“While at a premium price, use this bud for premium smoke sessions – have a bougie Halloween party? Green Kraken is going to be an amazing uplifting flower to compliment the event for most. 

Want a quiet night in with the partner to feel luxurious? A Little Caesar’s pizza paired with 3.5G of Pizza Breath will make for a great night in. Or maybe someone just wants to treat themselves with the “best of the best” – with the beautiful terpene profiles, even when I was a budtender, this was and still is my pick.”

Thanks for all the great insight into BOAZ, William.” 

Why Boaz?

BOAZ operates a state-of-the art, 20,000 square foot facility in Calgary, Albert that utilizes environmentally friendly grow pods. Each grow pod features a unique atmosphere that is customized for the strain being grown. They describe their process as old-school craft growing meets modern eco-innovation.”

BOAZ has been making big waves in the Canadian recreational market. They are committed to helping the community through their medical cannabis program, and they’ve taken an active role to advocate for the entrance of more small producers into the legal market.

How do they grow?

BOAZ embodies what it means to be a true handcrafted brand. Everything is done by hand, not machines. Each seed, root, and leaf is handled with much care and respect. They’ve combined traditional craft processes with modern technology and innovations. 

BOAZ’s attention and care for their plants is evident in the end results of their products. Not only do they grow and harvest by hand, but they also cultivate without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. To increase the terpene quality and intensity, every plant is hand trimmed and hung dry. And finally, it is cured to emphasize the terpene aroma and taste. This is the BOAZ difference.

Are they sustainable?

Boaz hand waters their plants which ensures they are not using more than they need. This process is made easy with moveable vertical growing racks that enables their growers to access each plant and deliver individualized care.

Boaz also uses environmentally friendly grow pods for each of their plants to grow in, which in turn allows them to cut down on their carbon footprint.

Here are some of the ways BOAZ tries to reduce their impact on the environment:

  • Their HVAC system captures and recycles up to 70% of the water they use.
  • They use compostable pots, and compost all plant waste.
  • They wear scrubs instead of disposable coveralls.
  • They try their best to source packaging materials that have recycled components or are themselves recyclable. They’re severely limited in this way given the current packaging regulations.
  • They use predator bugs instead of pesticides.
  • They use ozonated water and isopropyl alcohol as their primary sanitizing agents.
  • They use LED lights to further reduce their energy use.

Are they for the culture?

Craft cannabis is truly what cannabis culture is all about. The collective of labour and care BOAZ puts into their products is the definition of true craft cannabis. In addition, BOAZ is about elevating the community. Their commitment to creating an entryway for small producers to showcase their products to the Canadian market is an O.G move.


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