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Nov 23 2021 - by Montrose

Featured Supplier: GreenSeal Cannabis Co.

Genetics and innovation are at the forefront of GreenSeal Cannabis Co.’s operations. GreenSeal is a licensed producer of high-quality cannabis, based in Stratford, Ontario. They have a solid focus on crafting the best possible products that deliver a consistent experience for the consumer. This week we had a Q&A with Steve, the business & production coordinator at Greenseal Cannabis Co. Here’s how it went:

Can you tell us about Greenseal’s mission for quality and innovation in your products? Tell us about your state-of-the-art facility and cultivation process? What’s the process you take to produce quality cannabis?

Quality and innovation are at the core of GreenSeal’s mission. It all starts with our in-house breeding and genetic selection program, which ensures we are developing and working with the highest quality genetics, perfectly suited to our growing environment and the priorities of both high THC and high Terpenes.  

Our 5-, 6- and 8-tier grow rooms are among the most productive & efficient cannabis cultivation spaces in the world.

Our indoor growing format allows us to completely dial-in every detail from the growing environment through to the harvest and final drying process, and all inputs and details have been optimized through our constant R&D efforts.  

Hand grooming, inspection and packaging ensure only the best is delivered to our customers.

Gorilla Berry flew off our shelves when we got it in. Tell us more about your genetic selection program aka your phenotype hunt that lets you achieve unique cultivars like Gorilla Berry?” 

GreenSeal’s Gorilla Berry (Indica Dominant) represents the culmination of a years-long phenotype hunt where hundreds of candidates were tested for cannabinoids, terpenes, and growth characteristics.

What rose to the top was a true “unicorn” combining sky-high THC with a rich mix of terpenes with aroma and flavour reminiscent of Blueberry Pie.

In terms of its effects, it’s a true Indica-lover’s Indica, delivering on all of the expectations one might have towards a heavy hitting, Indica dominant cultivar.

What other strains will you be releasing in ON?” 

“We are currently working on a Sativa dominant cultivar which we hope will be made available to Ontario customers in 2022.

How does Greenseal get involved in the communities they are in? How do you give back?” 

“GreenSeal and its employees engage in a range of community initiatives (e.g. food drives in our hometown of Stratford, ON).

How does GreenSeal minimize their ecological footprint? What sustainability practices do you have in place?

Digital electricity combined with LED lighting is one of the most energy-efficient ways to cultivate cannabis indoors.

We employ an Integrated Pest Management(IPM) system using beneficial insects rather than using pesticides to control or prevent pests.

We reuse water and minimize water waste in our growing systems. Packaging materials are minimized.

Was great meeting with our ON friends at GreenSeal. Looking forward to the popup! 

How do they grow?

In cannabis production, the value of your inputs usually influences the value of your output. This is the focus for GreenSeal. Quality and innovation are at the core of their mission.

It begins with their in-house breeding and genetic selection program which is key to ensuring they are developing and working with the highest quality genetics. They can produce high potency products with high terpene profiles that meet the consumer demands. 

Their indoor grow facility is among the most productive & efficient cannabis cultivation sites in the world. It allows them to completely be connected to every detail from growing environment through to the harvest and final drying process.  

To ensure only the best is delivered to consumers, all products are finished off by grooming, inspecting, and packaging them, all by hand.

Hand grooming, inspection and packaging ensure only the best is delivered to our customers.  

Are they sustainable?

GreenSeal utilizes an Integrated Pest Management system, a process you can use to solve pest problems while minimizing risks to people and the environment.

As an indoor grower, they stay energy-efficient by combining digital electricity with a LED lighting system. 

Like other sustainable cultivators, GreenSeal reuses water to minimize water waste and has chosen minimal packaging.

Are they for the culture?

Selecting and starting with great genetics is the key to any exceptional cultivar. Gorilla Berry is a testament to that.

In addition, GreenSeal is making big waves in the cannabis community with their AR poster this year. It has been nominated for ADCANN’s best marketing campaign of 2021. It’s honestly the coolest and most innovative thing we’ve seen so far. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out here.

GreenSeal gives back to their community through food drives in their hometown of Stratford, ON. 

Lastly, GreenSeal publishes great articles that give tips and techniques by their master grower on how to prep for and grow cannabis outdoors.  

Great genetics, the use of augmented reality, community initiatives and being a resource for others who want to grow top quality weed would definitely make you for the culture.


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