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Oct 07 2021 - by Montrose

Featured Supplier: Kolab Project

Kolab Project

We reached out to Kolab Project, here’s how it went:

“We personally love your products, especially your 232 Series vapes. What makes them so good, how are they different than the other cartridges on the market?”

“I’d say the biggest differentiator is our focus on the flower. Our 232 Series vapes are for consumers looking for a true-to-strain experience. It starts with terp sauce, which is extracted from single-strain cannabis flower using flash-frozen technology to preserve the natural terpene profile found in the plant. 

This terpene-rich extract is blended with high-quality distillate – this combination results in a hard-hitting, strain-specific vape experience that elicits the entourage effect. We are profiling some exciting strains with these carts, including Ice Cream Cake, Black Cherry Punch, and Slurricane. 

I’d also like to highlight that our carts are available in both 0.5g and 1.0g options – many consumers love the extra longevity found in the larger cart sizes.”

“What was the motivation behind Kolab Project, what made you want to create a brand based on creating collaborative projects with other brands?” 

“Kolab Project is a purpose-driven brand, where even the smallest details have meaning. Whether it’s the world’s first vape recycling program or collaborating with the best craft cultivators for our Growers Series, everything is done with intent, even if it means taking the long route. 

We find motivation for collaboration in those moments where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We have a platform and a capacity to bring products to market on a large scale for cannabis enthusiasts who are interested in and care about things like art, design and culture. 

There are a lot of brands in the marketplace that target connoisseurs, people who are passionate and know a lot about cannabis. With Kolab Project, the idea is to deliver high-quality, differentiated products along with unique experiences that reflect our genuine interests. 

We seek out partners, whether they’re craft cultivators, an indie music label, or the next generation of Canadian artists, with the goal of creating something unique together that enhances the experience of our products for our consumers. Not everything we do will appeal to everyone, and we’re fine with that.” 

“What inspired you to initiate the Kolab Project Recycling Program?” 

“Environmental sustainability is important to us and our consumers. Vapes and cartridges account for a sizeable segment of the industry and generate a lot of waste. Disposing vapes responsibly is challenging – especially the batteries, which are particularly bad for the environment. 

So last summer we saw a gap in the industry and partnered with the e-waste recycling leaders at Greentec to offer a solution: Kolab Project vape recycling bins that allow consumers to responsibly dispose of their vape products at participating retail outlets – regardless of the brand. 

At the time we were the first to offer this type of solution; since then, other recycling options have been introduced by other companies, which we think is great. Recycling really is an issue that impacts everyone in the industry. 

We also give thought to sustainability when it comes to packaging for our Kolab Project products – we’ve introduced biodegradable packaging and make every effort to reduce the size of packages wherever possible.”

“Consumers who appreciate the natural flavour of cannabis found in our vapes may also be interested in exploring some of our other Kolab Project products, such as 132 Series Live Resin Soft Chews and 232 Series THCA Diamonds. Vapes, edibles and concentrates provide different experiences – and potencies! – yet coalesce around an invitation to real flower flavour.”

“You have partnered with a vast array of organizations to produce everything from works of art, to music, and products. How do you choose the brands you partner with? What makes an organization stand out to you?” 

“We’re interested in partnering with artists and designers who offer a unique experience for our consumers. Being high is such a sensory experience, and we look to artists who activate all the senses with their art, providing consumers with a complete experience. 

So a Kolab Project consumer can go on our website and listen to All That is Solid Melts Into Air, a collaboration with independent Toronto-base music label Séance Centre – this playlist isn’t so much about conventional songs, but evoking different sonic landscapes. 

We also recently partnered with OCAD U on Emerge: A Public Art Walkdown, a public-art celebration happening now in downtown Toronto that features new-media works by prominent OCAD U art students.” 

“How do you grow your flower? What cultivation methods and techniques are you utilizing? Are your products grown in small batches, are they hand-trimmed or hang dried?”

“This is a good place to give credit where it’s due to the amazing craft-cultivation partners we work with on our Kolab Project Growers Series. Kolab Project Kalifornia comes from Lotus Cannabis Co., out of British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. 

The Lotus team is obsessive about the smallest details to achieve amazing bud, including hang-drying the whole plant, hand-trimming, and slow-curing the dried flower – the result is a potent and distinctive flavour and aroma. 

Kolab Project Ice Cream Cake is from Safari Flower Co., from the Niagara Region. Safari’s Ice Cream Cake is cultivated in small batches, hand harvested and hand-trimmed to bring out the strain’s distinctive visual texture, flavour and aroma.”

“Thanks Brad! (Sr. Director of Marketing @ Kolab) we’re excited to see the innovation that happens in the future! 

Why Kolab Project?

Kolab Project is a cannabis brand that aims to connect with those active in the cannabis category that have an appreciation for the positive impact that art, culture, and design have on humanity. Kolab Project partners with brands to create well-designed products and experiences for those that appreciate them.

They produce a refined collection of high-quality cannabis products (Dried Flower, Edibles, Pre-Rolls, Vapes and Concentrates) and design-focused, purposeful goods. Kolab Project connects consumers with carefully selected collaborators to create products that are inspired by individuals’ ever-evolving needs..

How do they grow?

Kolab Project grows craft cannabis produced in small batches that are hand-tended, hand trimmed and meticulously slow-cured to create high quality flower.

All pre-rolls use only whole bud, never shake, from single strains that are hand-finished to ensure they meet the highest standards. Concentrates are the result of single strain, small-batch, hand-tended and flash-frozen flower put through a hydrocarbon extraction and finishing process. These vibrant yellow crystalline structures are polished and potent at 900 mg of total THC/gram.

Recently, Kolab Project released live terpene 510 cartridges containing a blend of flavourful terp sauce and high-quality cannabis distillate for added potency. Carefully developed using flash-frozen, single strain flower which preserves the natural terpene profile found in the cannabis plant. Edibles are made with natural, traceable ingredients and are Vegan and Gluten-Free.

Are they sustainable?

Montrose only partners with brands that engage in sustainable business practices. Kolab Project aims to leave as little trace as possible when it comes to environmental impact: Less is More. 

However, more is also More. More accountability. More transparency. More action. Kolab Project engages in an ongoing commitment to hold themselves, consumers, and this industry overall, more accountable for the choices made together. 

One-way Kolab Project reduces its impact is through 100% biodegradable packaging. The paper cartons have been updated with careful consideration to the amount of packaging required to minimize waste. Simply peel off the label and discard into a green bin. 

Through a partnership with Greentec Canada, Kolab Project supports a more circular economy by offering secure, sustainable electronics recycling solutions. The pilot vape recycling program is first of its kind to service cannabis retail stores across Canada. 

Simply drop off your used disposables, cartridges, and batteries (of any make) at the location nearest you, and they will be disposed of in the most environmentally responsible way currently available—free of charge.

Are they for the culture?

Kolab Project supports its community through its dedication to the arts, humanity, and culture. Through partnerships with OCAD, Mercury Bureau and Séance Centre Kolab Project has funded and commissioned projects to aid in social connection, products that make an impact and music that connects us to the elements.   


Kolab Project partnered with OCAD U to create an exclusive call for submissions from members of the OCAD U community. The Next Fourteen Days is a new initiative that will provide grants to realize 14 new projects, created by OCAD U senior students, recent alumni and select faculty. 

These projects will document new work created over a period of 14 days in May 2020. Collectively and individually these works will speak to this time of physical distancing and self-isolation. 

The Next Fourteen Days is an experiment in social connection. Using creative practice to bridge social distancing, this initiative has been developed to offer a reprieve from our collective isolation, to champion creativity and to support cultural production in these challenging times. 


Kolab Project recently engaged Mercury Bureau to collaborate on the Minimum Tray, a multi-purpose, machine-brushed aluminum surface intended for use alongside your personal ritual, transforming from rolling tray to ashtray as your own ritual progresses.

Shane Krepakevich, the principal designer, and founder of Toronto-based, research-driven studio Mercury Bureau, seeks to make items which drive impact. Items which make a difference in one’s day to day, and imprint on the way we understand the world around us. 

Existing within the space between science, curiosity, and contemporary art, Mercury Bureau designs limited edition objects which emerge from an experimental studio practice.


Séance Centre has created an exclusive mix for the launch of the Kolab Project 232 Series Live Terpene Vape cartridge. The album All That is Solid Melts Into Air highlights the diverse terrain of the label – traversing sonic landscapes from verdant rainforests, windswept lowlands, ambient gwoka from Guadeloupe and planetarium music from Mexico. The tracks are elements, earth, and air, and then conceived of the journey being about the sublimation process and transition in textural forms.



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