Beyond the Ordinary with Qwest
Dec 17 2021 - by Montrose

Featured Supplier: QWEST

Qwest is a licensed producer of high-quality cannabis, with facilities located in Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. They have a solid focus on crafting the best possible products that deliver a consistent experience for the consumer. This week we had a Q&A with Brian and Tim, the territory manager and provincial territory manager at Decibel Cannabis Company. Here’s how it went:

There are a few brands under the Qwest family, can you tell us about each brand and what is unique about each of them? How are they different? And, what is the cultivation and processing for each brand?

We have grown and evolved our Qwest family since it’s inception 3 years ago. The core ethos of Qwest centres around these values:

  • Passion – Passion fuels curiosity and fosters diligence. This is the first step to expertise – without passion we would not be able to cultivate the best.
  • Patience – Anyone can be passionate, but it takes patience to be a connoisseur. We honor your expertise with genetics you’ll seek out, time and again.
  • Intention – Tailored to match your experience. We’re not recreating the ritual, but we care about the process, and cultivate with purpose

Specifics of each sub brand among our Qwest family can be found below:


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