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Nov 11 2021 - by Montrose

Featured Supplier: Tantalus Labs

Featured Supplier: Tantalus Labs

This week, we got the chance to discuss what goes into producing high-quality buds and sustainability with Mariah, Ontario Territory Manager at Tantalus Labs. Here’s how it went:

Know about sunlab & How to grow Cannabis?

Tantalus believes world-class cannabis is the result of elite genetics, pure inputs, and disciplined cultivation. To cultivate world-class cannabis, Tantalus Labs spent 4 years designing and building a unique greenhouse in the Fraser Valley near Vancouver, B.C.

Our operations are based in Maple Ridge, BC, where rainfall is abundant. That is why we designed and equipped the roof of SunLab with a rainwater catchment system for our greenhouse irrigation. 

Plants have thrived under sunlight for millions of years. The sun naturally provides full-spectrum light, an ideal photosynthetic input for cannabis. Our cannabis is hand-trimmed and hang-dried, followed by a low and slow curing process to ensure the highest quality bud.

Tantalus grows some unique strains, what’s the process behind how you select what to grow?” 

Tantalus is fortunate to have collected seeds from over 150 different strains in our vault, which we pull from continuously to produce rare and exotic strains. 

Our selection process to go from seed to production cultivar involved a long 18-month process, in which we pop many seeds from a strain, to select phenotypes that we believe are the best representations of the strain. 

The process of growing out options and selecting the best plants is run multiple times, to produce a stable genetic of our favourite attributes. Potency, terpene expressions, and bag appeal are all considerations when we make these selections.

Which product and/or products did you first come to market with and why?” 

Tantalus first entered the legal Canadian marketplace with strains that we felt would best represent the British Columbian cannabis culture, along with flavours of the West Coast. West Coast stables such as Harlequin and Blue Dream are two of these strains that we are still producing to this day.

How does Tantalus Labs get involved in the communities they are in? How do you give back?” 

“Tantalus believes that for Canada to have a healthy and sustainable industry and to best provide for Canadian customers, we need to encourage a diverse marketplace of both big and small licensed producers. Craft producers offer variety and quality that is worth fighting for, and we are involved in a number of initiatives to support this end.

On a local level, we recognize a responsibility to be stewards of our neighbourhood, and we are involved in a local adopt-a-block program to maintain a healthy local environment.

How does Tantalus labs minimize their ecological footprint? What sustainability practices do you have in place?

“Tantalus uses pure inputs like natural full-spectrum sunlight and pure BC rainwater to grow our cannabis. These pure inputs allow us to be up to 90% more sustainable than a traditional indoor grow facility. In addition to our cultivation, we’ve also transitioned to packaging our 3.5g flower into gorgeous glass packaging that is not only more ideal for the happiness of your buds, but can be repurposed in many ways.”

Thanks for all the awesome information about Tantalus Labs, Mariah. 

Why Tantalus Labs?

Tantalus Labs focuses on producing exceptional cannabis with sustainable cultivation methods. 

They have taken their pharmaceutical principles of consistency and delivered them again in a recreational offering. You can expect a consistently clean product from this team.

How do they grow?

Tantalus Labs combines technology and nature to grow clean cannabis. 

Within 4 years, they designed and built SunLab¹, their unique greenhouse, which is the only one in the world that is specifically designed for cannabis cultivation from the ground up.  

To maintain compliance in security and quality assurance, technologies from other industries have been adopted and specialized at SunLab¹

SunLab¹ harnesses natural sunlight and reduces its electricity demand by up to 90% compared to traditional indoor cannabis cultivation.

They have an innovative rainwater recapture system that draws the pure coastal rainfall it collects, filters, and fed to each plant. They have a series of draining pipes on the roof of their facility that allows them to collect and store rainwater

SunLab¹ cycles its air every seven minutes which allows them to reduce the risk of pests and mould.

Are they sustainable?

Tantalus uses natural full-spectrum sunlight and rainwater to grow their plants. The natural sunlight reduces its electricity demand by up to 90% compared to traditional indoor cannabis cultivation. 

They’ve also transitioned to packaging their 3.5g flower into glass packaging which is ideal for both the bud and can be repurposed.

Are they for the culture?

When Tantalus Labs entered the legal market, they wanted to grow strains that represented the West Coast cannabis culture. Harlequin and Blue Dreams are stables to this region. They wanted to make sure they kept that legacy alive in BC.

In addition, Tantalus Labs’ supports the progression and growth of the overall Canadian legal cannabis space. They believe, to have a healthy and sustainable industry, they need to encourage an inclusive and diverse marketplace for both big and small LPs.

Lastly, they recognize that they have a responsibility as stewards to the local communities they serve and are involved in an adopt-a-block program to maintain a healthy local environment.



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