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We are a cannabis brand focused on top-shelf cannabis products. We offer a range of carefully crafted dried flower and well-designed pre-rolls across Canada.

Our journey started when we grew our first plant in 2010 and sold our first bag in 2018. We are the coming together of legacy players, rare genetics and shared passion to put our top-shelf product in your hands.

Small Batch

Nurtured in strain-specific microclimate conditions that are inspired by the unique environments each plant thrives in.

HanD Harvested + TRIMMED

The cannabis is trimmed and packaged by people who inspect the bud to ensure top quality.

hang dried

Not just because we love the ‘living wall’, but because it produces the smoothest smoke and best flavour.

Naturally Grown

Nourished in a natural and ecologically friendly environment with organic soil and without harsh chemicals or irradiation.


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