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Gage Cannabis Co. sets the standard for quality cannabis products, bar none. We cultivate and curate experiences that empower Gage customers to make the most of the plant’s benefits and amplify their lives.

small batch

We grow our plants in small batches using 100% hydroponic cultivation methods for sustainable and responsible operations.

Hang dry

We have yet to see a machine that does our flower justice. All our buds are perfectly hang dried to ensure the terpenes and trichomes are preserved.

Hand Trimmed

From handpicking every plant to employing our proprietary drying, trimming and curing method, each step of our process is deliberately designed to deliver the best flower possible.


Hydroponics is the cultivation of plants without using soil instead they are planted in inert growing media and supplied with nutrient-rich solutions, oxygen, and water. This system fosters rapid growth, stronger yields, and superior quality.


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