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There’s something new in town.
It’s something worth lining up for.
Worth staying out late for.
And a generation of listeners are
waiting in the wings.

This is General Admission Cannabis

General Admission is cannabis for the masses. We advocate for the crowd pleasers, the do gooders, and the groupies.

All are welcome.

Hands up if you’re here for it.

Ethanol Extraction

Use ethanol extraction to concentrate strains into THC distillates infused with botanical terpenes.


The cannabis is trimmed and packaged by machines who cut the bud to ensure top quality.

hang dried

Not just because we love the ‘living wall’, but because it produces the smoothest smoke and best flavour.


During this stage, the oil is purified to a +95% cannabinoid potency and loses minimal cannabinoids throughout the process. This results in a cannabis oil that is low in flavor, has a subtle aroma and is easy to measure as a distillate oil.


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