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At GOOD BUDS, we’re always on the hunt for the next best strain.

All our buds have been naturally-raised and cultivated in living organic soils on Salt Spring Island, BC. They’re pampered on the daily to ensure the very best results. What you’ll get is big sticky buds that are frosted with trichomes.

small batch

We grow in recycled shipping containers. Each room fits a maximum of 300 plants. This truly small-batch approach lets us tightly control the climate to suit each strain’s unique growing preferences. It also lets us tend to each plant individually.

hand trimmed

We either hand trim our dry flower, or we pre-roll by hand, using organic raw cones.

hang dried

Our flower is hang dried in a tightly-controlled environment over 14 days. We use a unique slow-cure burping process for optimal moisture, flavour and bud density


We're proudly a FVOPA certified-organic farm. That means we never use pesticides, and we grow exclusively in living organic soils.


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