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About Us

Greybeard is an homage to those who do things the right way, without shortcuts.

Usually it means doing things the hard way.

It is a nod to the past and a way of being that respects the long heritage of craft cannabis growers who came before us, upon whose shoulders we stand.

At Greybeard, our passion for quality drives us to try and cultivate each strain’s characteristic mix of rich terpenes and capture them in our concentrates, our AAAA flower, and our pre-rolls for you to enjoy.

Simply put, we make products that we ourselves would want to buy and use.

That is why we stand behind the use of both leading-edge cultivation and processing science from around the world, as well as the long history of growing and formulation practices of past masters.

Quality of the highest standard is not just our commitment, we expect it to be our legacy.

LIve Resin

True live resins are never exposed to the amount of heat, air, and light necessary to dry the cannabis plants. This offers certain benefits, including the superior aroma that you’ll find from live resin compared to dried products.

FUll Spectrum

Hydrocarbon extracted with no additives, all our vape cartridges are full spectrum with 100% real terpenes.

All Natural

No additives. No distillates. No BS. Just 100% whole-plant cannabis extract,starting from the same premium live resin as our Terp Slush, but in a format that makes using Live Resin even more convenient. Greybeard Live Resin Vape Carts are compatible with 510 device

Full Flower

Never made of “leftovers”, we are committed to filling each of our Greybeard All Flower Pre-Rolls with full-fledged buds grown in our pristine indoor facility in Simcoe, Ontario.


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