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Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Founded in quality and our pursuit of innovation, Haven St. Premium Cannabis offers a curated collection of flower, pre-roll, vape and tea products. 

To help you decide among the varying effects of our products, we have built a 5-block address system where every block is home to a unique experience. 

Our creative and intuitive approach aims to help you make confident and informed cannabis choices based on your desired effects. So, are you looking for something familiar, or do you want to discover a completely different perspective? Wherever you’re going, Haven St. can take you there. 

ALl natural

There are no additives or fillers in any of our vape products. Our vape products contain pure cannabis extract and naturally derived terpenes.

High Quality Ingredients

Haven St. Teas are made with premium tea ingredients and cannabis infused sugar for a superior steep. Enjoy a flavourful and simple way to explore Haven St.


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Our goal is to serve cannabis excellence sourcing premium exotic hard-to-find-strains at an affordable price! Order online, get it delivered for free with no minimum order. Stay high, stay happy.

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