How Do I Vape Weed?

From desktop vaporizers, vapes have evolved into the present-day more portable vape devices.

To vape dry herbs, you’ll need some learning, as you would with joint rolling. Whether you wish to vape CBD hemp buds or marijuana, the rules are the same.

But note that you can’t just fill up a random vape pen with buds. Some vape pens are originally designed for dry herbs – dry herb vape pens and dry herb atomizers.

Although these options may not be as effective as the standalone options, they also offer an affordable way to use your herb without ‘smoking.’

This guide leads you through how to vaporize weed and other more convenient alternatives to dose cannabis.

Before we proceed, let’s see what you may need for a successful weed vaping session.

What do I need to vape weed?

Here’s all you need to get started on your weed vaping journey:
  • Dry weed
This goes without mention. For the best experience, you need some top-quality dry weed. If you’re not in a marijuana-friendly region, you may consider CBD herbs. That said, ensure the herb is neither too dry nor too sticky, as this singular factor can ruin your vaping experience.
  • Vaporizers
Here’s what processes and delivers your vapor. Desktop and portable vaporizers are the commonest types of vaporizers. These standalone units are crafted explicitly for vaping weed, hence, they usually deliver the best experience.
  • Grinder
These are highly needed for conduction vapes and fit most convection vapes. Grinders help break up your weed effortlessly and efficiently, adding a unique touch to your overall vaping experience.      
  • Accessories
Some vaporizers come with cleaning tools designed to help keep your vaporizer in shape. Your vaporizer pack may usually come with a stir tool and a brush. Cotton swaps, isopropyl alcohol, and pipe cleaners are other common out-of-box accessories.

Using and Packing your dry herb vaporizers

Before you pack in your weed, ensure your vaporizer is turned off. Packing a hot herb vaporizer will not only ruin your vapor, but it may also get your fingers burnt. Besides, it’s easier to pack your content when the chamber or oven is cold.

Here are some tips for loading and using your dry herb vaporizer.

First step: ensure your device battery is well charged or plugged into a power source

Secondly, some vape devices require slightly ground herbs; others allow you use full buds. But, generally, some grinding works best for vaping weed, mainly when using conduction vaporizers.

Step 3: Load your dry flowers into the chamber or oven of your vaporizer with a weed scooper or a business card.

Step 4: pack in the flowers with your finger or a tool, working out a flat surface. While conduction vaporizers may need some firm packaging to utilize the surface area fully, too-tight packing can ruin the airflow.

Step 5: power your device, set your temperature, and puff away.

Inhaling weed from a vape

If this would be your first attempt at using a vaporizer to weed, you may need some time before it begins to flow naturally. 

Note that smoke and vapor do not hit equally. Although vapor may be calmer than smoke, it can trigger bouts of coughs. 

Over time, you should be able to spot the best temperature for the best vaping experience.

Here are some helpful tips

  • After your vaporizer heats up to your preferred temperature, give it about 30 seconds before your first drag. If you’re using a portable vape, allow for around a minute.
  • Begin with a couple of light puffs.
  • Puff on the mouthpiece to get a good pack of vapor – then exhale
  • Remember that some dry herb vaporizers cut off intermittently and (as with a joint) may require that you turn it on to continue your vaping session.
  • After your session, see if your herb still looks promising. If it does, use your stir tool to mix up a bit and repack. Now, turn on your device for your next session.

Your vaporizer may allow you have repeated sessions so long the buds haven’t gone too dark.

Cleaning your vaporizers

No better time to clean your vaporizer than immediately after your vaping session. At this time, the euphoria is still fresh, which makes it all fun.

Making this a ritual keeps your device always up and ready for the next session.

Here are quick steps to cleaning your vaporizer:

  • Ensure the vaporizer is turned off and has cooled
  • Detach mouthpiece from the vaporizer
  • Use your brush to clean off residues from the chamber
  • With alcohol-dampened cotton, clean inner parts of the chamber
  • Use an alcohol-dampen pipe cleaner to snake through internal vapor paths.
  • The need to regularly clean up your device can never be over-emphasized. Residue quickly builds up over time.

While leaving your device without cleaning for a couple of light vaping sessions may not so hurt, when left for too long, it may ruin your entire vaping experience. Besides hindering smooth vaporization, cleaning may become more complex if your device stays uncleaned for too long.

Types of vaporizer

Tabletop vaporizers

As the name connotes, these vaporizers usually sit on solid surfaces. Although found in different varieties, they all feature:
  • Temperature regulator
  • Heating element
  • Heating chamber
  • Mouthpiece
If you can find your way around using this device, using the alternatives should be a breeze. Pros
  • Precise temperature regulation
  • Reusable
  • Works for any flower or concentrates
  • Pretty expensive
  • Not potable
  • Learning may take some extra efforts

Portable Vaporizers

From the name, you can tell these vaporizers are small. Although they allow similar operations as with tabletop vaporizers, they are exceptionally portable, offering a more convenient and discreet way to enjoy your weed.  These devices can be used for flowers, badder, budder, shatter, and related concentrates. Pros
  • Ease of use
  • Reusable
  • Works for both buds and flowers
  • portable
  • Some brands can be expensive
  Final Notes Vaping weed is no rocket science. Of course, [as with anything] perfection requires practice. But with this guide, you should be vaping like one with experience, even on your first attempts. For the best experience, ensure you invest in quality weed and other vaping accessories. Not sure where to look? Visit Montrose Dispensaries, and you’ll be glad you did. You’ll find top-quality cannabis products and accessories in our store. Besides, our seasoned cannabis experts will offer you free guides and consultations if you ever get lost in the options. We’ve got all you need to make your habit an enjoyable and less harmful one.

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