How to Roll A Joint [5 Easy Steps]

On your marijuana journey, among many other things to know, how to roll a joint is vital.

As with anything, it’s normal to get overwhelmed at your first trial and mess things all up. But if you don’t stop at your first bad experience, soon you’ll surely get the hang of it.

If you’ve had a hard time rolling up your joint or looking forward to your first roll, this guide takes you, step by step, through the process. If followed religiously, soon, you too should be rolling like a pro.

What do I need to roll a good joint?

Rolling your cannabis manually does not require so many materials. Here are items to have on your checklist.

Weed: This goes without mention. Ensure you have enough weed, much enough to give a decent roll. To get a good-sized roll, you need at least half a gram of weed – it could be more. Anywhere between half and one gram is standard.

Grinder: For a good roll and even smoke, you’d need to chop up your weed into smaller (not too fine) particles.

If you’re on a low budget, you can consider grinding the herbs with your fingers or scissors. But a good grinder makes it faster and enhances your overall experience.

Rolling papers: Not all papers work for joints. For several reasons, particularly health, some papers are designed exclusively for smoking. Note that the best papers are made of 100% hemp material.

These organic products contain no artificial colors or flavors, leaving you with ‘pure’ smoke.

Filter or tips: As with cigarettes, filters add a whole lot of value to your joint. Filters are a small piece of hard paper rolled into a cylinder. Sometimes called a crutch, filters help keep the joints together, stop weed from sneaking out as you drag, and helps prevent your fingers and lips from burns.

While some products are specially made for weed, you can make out filters from hard papers like business cards.

That said; let’s go over the step-by-step process of rolling like a pro.

5 easy steps to help you roll joint like a pro

1. Grind your Weed

After selecting your preferred rolling paper, one other vital prep to get it right is to blend your buds to crumbs until the flower and stems are not noticeable. This is your first approach to getting a firm roll and an even burn.

For a good grind, place your bugs in a grinder and twist. You may need to repeat about 10 to 12 times – or until the twist goes without any serious resistance.

Check underneath your chamber for some powdery stuff – it’s called kief. This THC-rich powder should be added to your roll or sprinkled on your weed-loaded bowl for extra potency.

Although your hand or scissors can replace your grinder, they hardly ever beat the consistency of a factory-made grinder.

We recommend manual grinders over electric grinders. While it’s difficult to go too fine with an electric grinder, a too-smooth blend is hardly a thing with manual grinders.

But, if you insist on electric grinders, just pause intermittently and check to ensure you don’t over blend.

2. Make a filter

Although using filters is optional, they help avoid bits of your herb ‘sneaking’ in your mouth as you drag. It’ll also protect your fingers and lips from burns.

Filter, otherwise called tips, reduce waste, as it allows you smoke to the very last weed crumbs.  It also helps you achieve a good roll.

Begin with one or two accordion folds. This prevents you from unfurling after your roll and prevents weed particles from falling off. The size of your filter widely determines how large your weed is. Plan likewise.

You can get a filter from just about anything – business cards and thin cardboard are good alternatives. Some joint paper packaging comes with filter material.

3. Fill your rolling paper

Fill up your rolling paper with your ground weed and place your filter – if you have one. As soon you get a decent amount of weed (between half a gram and a gram will do), line up on your rolling paper.

Now, gradually roll forth and back to get a good shape with your thumbs and index fingers to get a typical cone shape.

4. Roll your joint

How you handle this step can mall or make your joint quality and, in turn, your overall smoking experience.

Tuck in the gumless part of the rolling paper into the roll and gently roll-up. Before you glue, lick along the glued edge to get some moisture and seal against the joint.

You may start tacking up your roll from the filter end and gently follow up to the top of your roll.

5. Make the crown

Before that, check for fallen crumbs and add them back from the loose top. Then, hold the rolling paper by the loose tip (where there is most likely a free space) and shakedown the herbs gently.

This helps for a firm joint, a smooth burn, and an improved overall smoking experience.

You can test run your effort by attempting a drag as you would usually smoke your weed. This way, you’d know whether your weed is too loosed or overly tight.
If you don’t get enough vacuum for a seamless puff, then your joint may be too tight.  You may want to roll the joint between your fingers gently across the length of your joint to loosen up the roll a bit.

If you’re OK with how the drags flow, then it’s time to wrap it up.

Hold the loose end of your paper and twist to form a tail tip. Holding the lead, shake the roll to achieve some firmness.

Now, it’s time to reap the fruits of your labor. Light up and puff away.

Common problems new smokers face with rolling weed

  • Your smoke loses while smoking – this is common. Simply stop smoking and try to roll up, this time adding some more pressure around the filter or tip. Now, lick and re-tack.
  • A weak roll – A weak tie not only loses flame every 5 seconds, but you can also literally feel bud particles in your mouth as you puff. With regular practice, you should achieve better firmness soon.

Uneven burn – If your buds do not burn appropriately, it’s likely your weed was poorly ground or badly rolled. On your next roll, follow the steps above, and this time, more religiously.

Calm down and roll

Take it slow.  Ensure you follow the steps religiously. Your smoking crew does not really care how long it takes you to roll up a smoke. What everyone hates is one who ruins the joint.

Ruining a joint, you may forfeit your rolling privilege for a long time.

Rolling may take patience. Nobody ever became a pro at a first attempt. Expect the bulge on your roll, a too-loose or too-tight wrap, uneven burn, and what have you.

The more you roll, the better they become over time.

If you can get at least a ‘smokable’ roll at your initial attempt, you deserve some accolade. Keep it up; it will naturally get better over time.

If you’re just starting out on your cannabis journey, Montrose Cannabis offers helpful resources and products to help you optimize your experience.

If you ever get lost in the options, our seasoned cannabis experts are ready to partner with you to help you make the best-informed decisions.

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