How Will Cannabis Make Me Feel?
19 Augs, 2018 - by John Snow | Technology

How Will Cannabis Make Me Feel?

Cannabis delivers a truckload of effects, which vary across users. These mostly-therapeutic reactions are usually temporary. Among others, anti-anxiety, stress relief, creativity, and appetite boost are the most common.

The effects comes as cannabis properties bind to the endocannabinoid system(ECS), and produce effects to the body and mind. These reactions can be pleasant, or unpleasant.

Although smoking is arguably the most popular way people use cannabis, other dosage options include:

  • Cook into meals
  • Vaping
  • Brewed tea
  • With carrier oil
  • Topicals – creams and lotions

Reading on, you’ll find out how using cannabis can affect you -, including potential gains and adverse effects on your body.

Marijuana and physical effects

Cannabis researches show the plant may cause the following effects:

  • Smoking cannabis may cause bronchitis
  • Smoking causes phlegm
  • Lung irritation caused by irritants like carcinogens
  • Cannabis may weaken immunity
  • Pain relief
  • Short term relief from glaucoma symptoms
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased blood flow which causes red eyes
  • Smoking worsens lung concerns, including asthma
  • Inhibits brain development in teenagers
  • Inhibits fetal development in pregnant women

Manages cancerous growth

For medical Use

When used medically, cannabis can help

  • Reduce pain caused by different medical conditions
  • Manage glaucoma
  • Reduce inflammation

Manage nausea for chemotherapy patients

Cannabis and psychological health

Common psychological effects include:

  • Increased thirst and appetite
  • Reduction or increase in depression – it varies across users
  • Reduction or increase in anxiety symptoms –
  • Memory problems
  • Difficulty in making decisions
  • Slow reaction to stimuli
  • Drug withdrawal symptoms
  • Short-term hallucinations and paranoia
  • Addiction

Cannabis usage comes with several possible psychological effects, and of course, this isn’t a comprehensive list.

Marijuana’s Effects on Young People

Note that marijuana is potentially ‘safer’ for adults only.

Both teenagers and children may experience higher potential ill effects. For expectant mothers, marijuana doses may inhibit the child’s memory development and concentration as they grow.Women may abstain from cannabis during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Cannabis-using breastfeeding mothers expose their baby to the potentially dreadful effects.For older children and teenagers, marijuana may lead to memory loss, inhibit problem-solving potentials and cause concentration issues.Studies suggest cannabis users under 25 can inhibit learning and memory abilities.

Difference between Indica and Sativa

Cannabis strains are usually classified between Sativa and Indica. Generally, we say Sativa causes cerebral high while Indica brings in the couchlock effect.But, It’s a bit more complicated.

Of course, the effects from Indica-leaning strains are different from the Sativa alternatives, several other factors are at stake.Marijuana contains a truckload of compounds – from cannabinoids to terpenoids and flavonoids. Each of these properties contribute to the effects.For instance, the Northern Lights is a pure Indica strain. Common user reviews say the stain causes relaxation and a happy feeling, but without any overbearing sleepy feeling.

The Afghan strain is another pure Indica strain. Yet, unlike Northern Lights, anecdotal testifiers say Afghan makes them feel relaxed and couch-locked.Also, users say Durban Poison strain makes them happy, energetic, and uplifted. Yet, another Sativa-heavy strain, Super Silver Cheese, may cause more calming and relaxing euphoria than energizing hits.

Your first cannabis experience

You probably have no idea how your first weed experience turns out. But trust me, your first experience can be exciting.Ever heard people say they felt nothing on their first experience?

A possible reason is that they couldn’t define a ‘right’ expectation and might not know what getting stoned means. Being too fixated on an expectation (too often, an unrealistic one) can ruin your first experience. On the other end, not setting a high-enough first-experience expectation could leave you feeling too-powerful hits, which makes some first timers flee from weed after their first experience.

A unique experience for everyone and every day.

It’s worth noting that every weed smoker has a different experience, almost every time. Several factors congregate to determine users’ experience.While weed makes some people “careless”, it makes others more conscious. Whereas it causes calm and relaxation for some, others say it makes them energized and focus.

So you might never guess how the experience would be, until your first toke.

How people say marijuana makes them feel

  • Distorted time perception

Weed smokers are typical latecomers – particularly among the inexperienced. One time, it feels there’s enough time to meet up a schedule, the ‘next minute’ you’re already 45 minutes late.

  • Spacing out – and in

Frequent pot use causes users to pace in and out of their mental world. After consuming marijuana, your thoughts become hyperactive. In this state, many users get ‘sucked in’ to the imaginary world.

In worse cases, you can feel entirely disconnected from the people around you. In that realm, it may take a loud call or a pat to recall your attention back to the real world.

  • Calm and relaxation

Body relaxation is one of the common reported medicinal values of marijuana.  This effect comes with a feeling of freedom and relief from the physical body. This state usually comes with preparedness to drift into a long peaceful sleep.

  • Energy boost

The best time for dancing might be just after your light up session. The increased mental activity combined with bodily relaxation may trigger interest in creative activities such as yoga, dancing, music, writing and other forms of art.

  • Carefree

Here’s one emotional consequence of weed. Weed users may show less concern for happening and events around them. All that exists is the feel-good euphoria and the matchless joy that trails it.

At this point, people report zero mental barriers, have boosted confidence, high libido, and a seamless flow with the social environment.

  • Short term memory loss

Except for newbies, this isn’t news.

You searched the whole house for your car keys. After wasting an hour of your valuable life, you suddenly member you’ve been holding them right in your hands all this time.However, such a short-memory effect is short-spanned. Your memory ‘stretches’ back to normal. But, more frequent usage may leave long term memory issues.

Wrap Up

Cannabis comes with several potential long and short-term effects. while several proponents refer to marijuana as a cure-all, many still think the negatives outweigh the potential therapeutic benefit

As said, the best way to tell the effect you get is to give it a shot.With an open mind, you may enjoy every bit of the marijuana experience. For some, nothing feels as rewarding as the cannabis high.Not sure where to get marijuana? visit your nearest marijuana dispensaries or checkup cannabis stores online.

To know more about cannabis, read up our learn session or visit Canadian Governement website.

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