Is using a vaporizers better than smoking?
19 Augs, 2018 - by John Snow | Technology

Is using a vaporizers better than smoking?

On your first visit to a well-established dispensary, scanning through the wide variety of alternatives on the bud shelves can be verwhelming. Currently, there’s heated debate on vaping vs smoking. As the quit-smoke campaign burgeons, vaping proponents are promoting vaping as a saver alternative to smoking. However, from emerging scientific reports, vaping may not be as safe as the reports claim.

Reading on, this article discusses the differences between vaping and smoking, particularly as per their safety profiles.

Let’s begin with the basics.

What is vaping?

Vaping entails inhaling an aerosol rich in chemicals, including flavoring and nicotine, through a vaporizer or an e-cig. Research shows a disturbing increase in vaping particularly among the teenagers.

Health experts say while many presents vaping as a safer alternative to smoking, their assumption may be ill-informed. Increasing evidence shows that vaping, as with smoking, can be dangerous.

Vaping Vs smoking – which is less harmful?

As mentioned, while some evidence and common knowledge suggest vapor may do less harm than smoking, neither smoking nor vaping is safe. Both vaping and smoking are harmful to the human health, however, in different degrees.Studies reveal that your traditional cigarette smoke may release up to 7,000 different chemicals into your body, but vaping has far less chemical concentration.

While vaping may release less dangerous contaminants than cigarettes, experts insists on the harmful tendencies of vaping.One case against vape juices is their high concentration of nicotine – an addictive compound found in cigarettes. Among other concerns, nicotine has been linked to slowing down brain development in children right from the womb to teen age.

The e-juice which releases vapor may be harmful to both children and adults if inhaled, swallowed, or contacts the skin.Vaping juice contains several harmful chemicals, volatile organic, heavy metals, and cancer-causing materials. Diacetyl is a typical example.As vaping is increasingly made to seem like a norm, some expert reviews fear that it may renormalize smoking.

The center for diseases control and prevention, in 2020, recorded 2,807 hospitalizations cause by smoking. Among the number deaths were also recorded.However, the disease prevention center also suspects vitamin E acetate – a trending ingredient in many vape products – to be the culprit. Health regulators acknowledge that vaping products without this and other harmful irrelevant additions may be less troublesome.

While the details on vaping is still in its infancy, smoking has undergone many years of research. Practically all the evidence gathered show smoking can cause severe health damage.According to research authors, smoking may cause several health anomalies including:

  • Delivers damaging effects to practically all parts of the body
  • Causes about 90 percent of all deaths caused by lung cancers
  • Responsible for 80 percent of all Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease(COPD) related deaths
  • Increases the risk of stroke, heart disease, and other dreadful health conditions.
  • Generally, increase the chances of death.

Long term smoking effect

In the long term, smoking can cause several degrees of adverse effects to users. Indicator shows smoking may trigger conditions including:

  • Low sperm count
  • Impaired immunity
  • Increase in general inflammation
  • Risk of pregnancy loss
  • Increase in the chances of asthma attacks
  • Risk of stroke
  • May trigger cancerous cells in practically all parts of the body, including stomach, kidneys and lungs.
  • Blocks the arteries and veins
  • Reduces one’s general health and overall performance
  • Causes cataracts

Vaping and its long term effects

As mentioned, vaping research and data are limited. Initially, vaping was introduced as a safer alternative to getting nicotine without combustion which is, in itself, thought harmful. But emerging evidence say the aim may have been defeated as vaping comes with its own box of concerns.

Reports from early research say vaping may:

  • Cause damage to the lungs
  • Impair immunity
  • Deliver free radicals into your system which may encourage cancerous cells
  • Affects brain of fetuses, kids and teenagers.

Research authors say, unlike smoking, more research is needed to explore the long term effects of vaping. Away from long term health concerns, there’ve been several cases of burns sustains when recharging e-vaping device from battery explosions.

Vaping and smoking

To date, the wide-spreading perception that vaping may help quit smoking remains but with no substantial scientific backings. There are yet no verifiable studies which shows vaping as an effective route to smoking cessation. Even, some experts say instead to stop smoking, vaping may cause dual use – a situation where one uses both smokes and vapes, interchangeably.

Vaping vs. Smoking Weed

Many find inhaling THC through vaping interesting. Remember THC is the widely prized high-causing compound in marijuana. A study shows that in adults, vaping delivered stronger THC effects than smoking – where similar quantity of weed is dosed. So, while vaping may deliver stronger and faster effect, whether it’s less or more safe than smoking may be left for future research to establish.

Wrap up

Research is yet unable to properly compare the effects of smoking and vaping – given that while the adverse effects of smoking is long researched and established, researchers know little scientific details of the relatively new vaping. Weak evidence shows vaping (as with smoking) delivers some adverse effects. But without irreverent additives like Vitamin E Acetate, vaping may deliver less risk of cancer and related smoking troubles.

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