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A refined collection of high quality cannabis products and design-focused, purposeful goods. We connect consumers with a carefully selected group of collaborators in order to create products that are inspired by their ever-evolving needs.

Small Batch

We grow in small batches with strain specific lighting and nutrient cycles to get the most out of our plants.

Hand Trimmed

No machine can match a human eye and a well trained hand. We trim every harvest by hand, rather than using an automated tumbler.

biodegradable packaging

All of our vapes and pre-rolls are packaged within 100% biodegradable paper cartons. Featuring updated design considerations to minimize the amount of packaging required per unit, simply peel off the label and discard the carton in your green bin.

Hand Tended

Everything is done by people. The plants are cared for by individuals who inspect the bud to ensure top quality.

Slow Cured

Real quality takes time. We slow cure every harvest in order to maximize flavour and potency.

Recycling Program

The first of its kind, Kolab Project has partnered with Greentec to service cannabis retail stores across Canada with our pilot vape recycling program. Simply drop off your used disposables, cartridges, and batteries (of any make) at the location nearest you, and we’ll dispose of them in the most environmentally responsible way currently available—free of charge.


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