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Your everyday matters. That’s why we have carefully produced and curated cannabis products that deliver on quality with you in mind. Quality is core to our products.

High Quality

We strive to optimize our growth practices to maximize quality. Selections of leaves are continuously tested to optimize growth conditions. From the nutrient blend to the growing conditions, we adjust for the plants’ needs.


We’ve curated a variety of products representing different ratios for different needs. By performing pheno-hunts and studying the lineage of our plants – we can optimize with certain plant traits in mind.

Product Standards

New strains are regularly being tested and evaluated to ensure quality products. Each month our hand-picked Grading Panel evaluates all of our consumer products to grade and rate appearance, and density.

Custom plant nutrients

Instead of using store bought premade mixes, the liiv growing team actually tailor a unique nutrient blend recipe. We take a selection of the leaves from a crop and send it to a lab to ensure nutrient profiles are optimized.


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