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In 2018, a small group of cybersecurity nerds teamed up with cannabis production experts in the pursuit of producing space-age cannabis. Experienced in navigating highly regulated industries and well versed in solving problems in unconventional ways, our team follows a strategy that focuses on customers over canopy and product quality over shareholder returns. Success is making our customers happy, and a sustainable business means accountability to all stakeholders.

The mission

CBD is awesome but surprisingly expensive. Believing price should not be a barrier to use, we set out to make high quality CBD products at a low price. Great CBD products do not have to be expensive, and we make that possible by cutting out the middlemen (and some corporate fat), not corners. We’re committed to setting a higher standard for what a business can do for its customers and community. And above all… THIS IS ABOUT CBD FOR ALL


Following cannabis legalization, it became evident that CBD would take a substantial market share going forward. Many industry players at that time utilized high-CBD cannabis flower, often grown indoors or in a greenhouse as a source of CBD, making its production inefficient and costly. As hemp and cannabis are the same plant, using outdoor grown, high-CBD industrial hemp as our source is good for the environment and cost-effective.


We built a wholesale business from our extensive hemp supply network of Canadian hemp farmers and an industry-leading quality assurance program, so we know how to get quality inputs to make the best product at reasonable prices. LoFi CBD is here to prove that high-quality and super affordable CBD products can exist.


When it came to building our brand, we were listening to a lot of LoFi music. Chill beats a little nostalgia helped put us in a calm and productive state of mind while sitting at our computers all day. Along the way, we noticed that the calm, chill state of mind that we enjoyed when listening to LoFi; there was something about it that felt very CBD


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Our goal is to serve cannabis excellence sourcing premium exotic hard-to-find-strains at an affordable price! Order online, get it delivered for free with no minimum order. Stay high, stay happy.

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