Media Release 01: Montrose X HYRYSE™ Cannabis Recycling Program
Dec 13 2021 - by Montrose

Press Release: Montrose x HYRYSE Recycling Program

Cannabis Recycling

Cannabis Recycling Program

Montrose has partnered with Emterra Environmental to create the first in Ontario, complete cannabis recycling program that not only recycles vape cartridges and batteries but all cannabis packaging. 

The cannabis industry is struggling to find sustainable packaging and only 20-30% of current packaging is practically recyclable. This partnership between Montrose and Hyrse™ helps reduce the ecological footprint of the industry to transition to a more circular economy. 


“Joining forces with Emterra to introduce their HYRYSE™ program in-store was a no-brainer Montrose,” says Nick Baksh, Director of Montrose Cannabis. “Sustainability has become increasingly more important to our customers, and we are always looking for new ways to cater to consumer demands. HYRYSE™ does exactly that, giving us a competitive advantage in the market and positioning us as a forward-thinking presence in the cannabis community.” 


Our recycling program accepts all types of cannabis packages and vape products, from any licensed producer. Whether it’s packaging for flower, pre-rolls, edibles, and seeds or vape pens and cartridges, we collect it all! Just make sure it is empty and clean before you drop it off.

“At Montrose we hold ourselves to the highest standards regarding sustainability practices. We only partner with suppliers who practice responsible grow methods and aim to minimize our impact on the environment through sustainability initiatives such as reusable packaging. 

Cannabis packaging is mostly not practically recyclable so we wanted to find a partner that could minimize the waste in our industry. This led to our partnership with HYRYSE™ as they were passionate about making the Canadian cannabis industry more sustainable. They provide us with a solution to a massive problem in the cannabis industry” Reagan Mott, Montrose Marketing Manager. 

The new program has two components. The first provides customers with a convenient option for the recycling of cannabis packaging. Simply bring in your empty packaging and dispose of it in the bin labelled CANNABIS. 

The second focuses on landfill diversion and uses the best technology currently available for the recycling of disposable vape cartridges and vape pens. The program will accept cannabis packaging, disposable vape pens and vape cartridges from every Licensed Producer, regardless of brand. Simply bring in your empty vape cartridges or batteries to our retail location and dispose of them in the bin labelled VAPE.
Unlike other recycling programs on the market, HYRYSE™ and Montrose share the belief of being open and transparent as to where end-of-life materials go once they’ve been collected. Cannabis packaging is sent to one of our trusted partners, ReVital Polymers in Sarnia, Ontario to be sorted, washed, and pelletized. 

Vape pens and cartridges are sent to an electronics recycling facility in the Greater Toronto Area to be diverted from landfill. Batteries are classified as hazardous waste and vape cartridges contain a controlled substance – these are not accepted in your recycling stream. Instead, they are recovered to create energy from waste. Everything stays within Canada.
To truly make a difference in the sustainability of cannabis packaging we need to start with more environmentally responsible packaging. HYRYSE™ provides insight into how recyclable each brand’s packaging really is. 


“We want to use the information about how practically recyclable each brand’s packaging is as an opportunity to partner with Licensed Producers,” says Reagan Mott. “We want to help them find ways to improve their packaging design and decisions in order to make their packaging more recyclable.”   

The goal of this program is to bring awareness to consumers and producers that we have a responsibility to our environment to ensure we are minimizing waste and our ecological footprint. 

We need to work together to develop more sustainable packaging and become part of the solution. Montrose will do our best to ensure all our supplier partners are a part of this program. Hopefully, soon we will see more cannabis companies joining us to reduce the industry’s footprint on a global scale.




Reagan Mott


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