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Cannabis is a story of humanity. More specifically, it’s a tale about a plant that shaped humanity. And a story about how humanity shaped a plant. Mankind’s interactions with cannabis spans thousands of years and is chronicled by the diverse cultures, distinct traditions, unique soils and the silent crossing of borders.


Every single product is tested and verified by a third party laboratory prior to leaving our facility. If these tests produce a result that is even slightly below our quality standards, we will not ship. And while we meticulously control every part of the process, from seed, to soil and cultivation to light and temperature, once our products are shipped out of our facility, these controls are no longer up to us.


At Natural History, we write our own chapter. This chapter is about honesty and transparency. When we find that a Natural History product available on shelves no longer meets our standard for quality – even marginally – our process is to issue a voluntary recall. Not to hide the truth, but to ensure that every Natural History experience is reflective of the passion, care and diligence we put into every cultivar we grow.


Our cultivation processes ensure that every product meets the exacting standards of our growers and customers when they are packaged and shipped, but Cannabis is a plant. And like any other plant or natural product, cannabis has a shelf life. This is why in-market spot checks are an important part of our over-and-above quality assurance process.


Atlas is a trusted medical cannabis producer. What does this mean? As a medical product, Atlas takes on the highest standards of quality and safety. This is achieved through not only a world-class facility, but our experts in research and agriculture, with unique experience in plant, soil chemistry, and plant pathology. These same standards are applied to every product in our family of products: Atlas Growers, Natural History, and Atlas Thrive.


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