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What’s your -ness™? Is it unique-ness? Maybe snazzi-ness? Happi-ness? For us, it’s good-ness. That means selecting the most flavourful crops, and sharing them with our closest buds. Available in 3 fan favourite formats, now is the perfect time to explore your -ness.

Dried Flower

Always grown indoors under ideal conditions. Decent-sized, human-selected buds (no popcorn!)

Vape Cartridge

Flavourful oils in convenient carts. No mess, no stress, with a standard 510 thread.

Pre Rolled Joints

Whole bud, consistently ground, wrapped in hemp cones.


You may have noticed that -ness packaging is special. We keep it small to minimize air inside the bag, which keeps your cannabis fresh and moist. It’s also smell-proof and heat-stable. Nice!


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