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We honour the pioneers who came before us. Without them, the landrace strains would be extinct and none of the new hybrids would exist. We follow in their footsteps, maintaining an artful approach to cultivation. We do it with the same passion and devotion to quality and we don’t stop there. We’re forward-thinkers harnessing science and data towards continuous improvement. Because there’s always better, and we’ll keep working to bring you the highest quality cannabis, consistently. We’ll keep chasing our own impossibly high standards on our way to setting the bar. Higher.

small batch hydroponics

Our flower rooms are between 950 – 1500 sq ft. We choose to grow small-batch so that we can precisely control the environment. Plants are similar to humans, each cultivar has its own preferences when it comes to light, water, food, and temperature. Additionally, small rooms allow our growers to see and touch every plant in the room. No plant goes unnoticed and we shower them with attention.

hand trimmed

Well-trimmed buds provide a smoother, more even inhale (and exhale). They’re also beautiful to look at when they’re shimmering with frosty trichomes. Our expert trimmers handle the buds with care and pay attention to every detail. It’s not an easy task, but our trimmers take great pride in their work, and we take great pride in them. Some cultivars take longer to hand-trim than others depending on the size, structure, how tight the leaves are and how delicate the trichomes are. Human attention and precision during trimming ensures our dried flower are the best they can be.

whole plant hang dried

Drying and curing cannabis is an art that we hang our hat on. Not only does it bring out the potency and terpenes of the cultivar, it also breaks down chlorophyll for a smoother inhale and less coughing (you’re welcome). By hang-drying our plants, the leaves shield the buds. This protects and preserves the trichomes (THC), terpenes (aroma and effects) and flavonoids (colour). Our drying room is dark, cool and well-ventilated for optimal slow drying. By gradually removing moisture from the plants, we are careful not to evaporate the good stuff.

slow cured

We choose to slow cure our dried flower because it makes the difference between good cannabis and outstanding cannabis. Curing is the culminating moment to achieving the perfect bud. The flavour reaches more complex and refined notes. Typically buds are dried on the outside but not properly dried within the core. When we cure, we slowly draw out any moisture left in the inner core to create a uniform moisture consistency throughout the entire bud. Our trimmed buds are sealed in air-tight bags and stored in a dark, cool room. Bags are burped regularly, exchanging the sealed air for fresh air.


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