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Premium 5 was founded by five individuals – who had all been working for large cannabis companies at the time – who came together to change the future of cannabis while respecting the long history of growing and formulation practices of the past. Being directly involved in the growth of the cannabis market, they had all realized that something was missing – cannabis concentrates. Of the concentrates that were available in the market at the time, they lacked quality and consistency, and that’s how Premium 5 got started.

While navigating the tricky cannabis market, Premium 5 set out to bring a high quality craft product to market to not only satisfy consumer demand for product variety, but to offer quality products that only the terpenes from a high terpene full spectrum concentrate can give.

Premium 5 went on to become the first hydrocarbon concentrate brand in the country, and in doing so, became the first to launch live resin and live resin cartridges within the country. They are dedicated to continuing to sell a premium high THC experience and to encourage consumers to find their feeling with cannabis concentrates.

small batch

Premium 5 strives to make the cleanest, purest concentrate on the market using small, craft batches chosen for their purity, taste, and cannabis-derived terpene profiles.

Hydrocarbon Concentrate

Find Your Feeling with pure live resin crafted via hydrocarbons from fresh frozen, single strain whole-bud.

Live Resin

Premium 5 Live Resin contains only 100% live resin extracted from fresh frozen, single strain, whole-bud allowing for incredible entourage effects and full spectrum flavours.

All Natural

No additives. No fillers. No cutters.


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