King Bubba Kush

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King Bubba Kush flower should be considered royalty, for this high THC indica strain provides a majestic aroma and flavour profile that holds true to the characteristics of its lineage. These light green buds feature a large calyx, beautiful orange pistils and glowing trichomes to provide traditional Bubba Kush traits, such as the distinctly sweet, woody aroma with undertones of lemon and spice. You don’t need a castle to put your feet up and chill to experience the earthy and sweet flavours of this high THC flower. Hang dried, hand selected, hand portioned and hand packaged and finally sealed in nitrogen to preserve quality, humidity, freshness and terpenes to ensure Mood Ring King Bubba Kush arrives in the customer’s hands just as it was when it was selected by our award-winning cannabis sommelier. All hail the King!

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Mood Ring







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June 7th 2022

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