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A new classic, grown with care.

Under the sun of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, we grow cannabis with an approach that blends traditional greenhouse expertise with hands-on knowledge of legacy grow practices.

The pure, potent, aromatic cannabis that made BC famous fills our grow rooms with its fragrance, and connects us to a lineage of growers who loved plants just like we do. That provenance is important to us, but so is progress. We get up every day to explore where BC bud goes next, and that goal is the beating heart of our greenhouse. BC bud is without a doubt a pleasure to grow. But it’s our privilege to share where it’s headed next.

Iconic Lineage

Our strains pay homage to the growers before us. From iconic BC strains like Pink Kush to Island Honey’s name nodding to Vancouver Island, the lineage of our flower shines a light on the cannabis community and BC’s sun-filled climate.

All Natural Cannabis

After trialing hundreds of plants in our Fraser Valley greenhouse, we pick the ones that are naturally pest and disease-resistant. The result: non-GMO, pesticide-free cannabis that thrives with sun, love, and care.

Legacy Growers

Our experience in BC farming spans over 25 years. Some of us grew tomatoes and peppers while others have honed in legacy cannabis practices. We’ve blended the two crafts together for growing expertise that produces pure cannabis.

Sun grown

Grown in our sun-filled greenhouse


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