Qwest Cannabis

Supplier: QWEST


Qwest cultivars are grown to be indulged in. Grown in exploration these products will show consumers what to expect from great growers who deeply respect the plant. Qwest delivers the premium products the market is craving. This is captivating craft cannabis.

small batch

Growing high caliber flower requires tailoring our processes from one to the next. We carefully monitor and attend to the needs of each plant- growing in small batches allows us to do this.

Hang dried

We hang dry and dry trim. This ensures the plants aren't overly handled and protect their delicate trichomes.

Top Cuts

We pour over our flower to inspect and hand pick the best buds from each lot. This means only worthwhile flower in every hand packed jar.

hand trimmed

We individually hand trim each and every bud. This level of quality control ensures the strains unique characteristics stand out.


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