Growing cannabis consumes a lot of water.
Licensed Producers have implemented water reusability methods within their growing process. Having large water basins to capture rainwater is one method. Water is then passed through a filtration system to ensure cleanliness. Water is then stored. Another method is using drip systems and traps excess water.

Smart Tech

Automation can be expensive, but it has its benefits.
LP's have are using smart technology to minimize inefficiencies and maximize production. Perfecting resource allocation by calibrating light, temp, humidity, water, and nutrients reduces potentially tons of waste. Since these conditions are controlled remotely, if one aspect is off, teams get notified to check.

Eco Substrate

Reduce landfill waste and create pest management.
Since cannabis (like weed) grows fast and drops seeds, the focus shouldn't only be on yield License Producers are choosing eco friendly material to reduce the amount of landfill waste while promoting plant health.


Urging suppliers to grow outdoors is the biggest switch to help sustain the environment.
While outdoor growing is the single greatest thing Licensed Producers can do to sustain the environment, we know that it may not be possible in certain climates. Using glass roofs allow for natural sunlight and complimenting with artificial lighting helps reduce energy.


Staying clear of pesticides avoids compromsiing our rivers, lakes and oceans.
Pest control in the growing process can be a nuisance. License Producers have many eco-conscious methods to suffocate bugs that chomp on the cannabis plant leaves. Larvacides and health products authorized by Health Canada are ways of minimizing pests.
Working with licensed producers who integrate eco-conscious production methods within their grow op – these are companies we want to work with and welcome.

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