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Discover the Spirit of '71

1971. San Rafael, California. It’s where five pals gathered every day at 4:20 to search for their holy grail – an elusive, near-mythical patch of cannabis. While this crop was never found, the story continues to inspire us today.

Please Chill Responsibly.

Consistent genetics

Our adult-use cannabis strains are genetically consistent for reliable results.

Whole Bud Pre-rolls

Expertly rolled, smooth-burning, and 100% hassle-free, these pre-rolls are packed with finely milled whole bud


We offer premium cannabis specifically crafted for adult recreational use.

Full Spectrum

We like these things, so we don’t mess with them –that’s why our vapes are made with 100% cannabis-derived terpenes and CO2-extracted, full-spectrum resin without any external fillers, dilutive agents, or additives.


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