Sending off the 7g's in style.
Oct 07 2021 - by Montrose

Seven Send Off

Why send off the 7g‘s?

One of the best things that occur when a product is introduced to the legal market is when the buyers become the deciders of how that product is sold.

For years before decriminalization, customers have been at the mercy of street-level dealers and their rules of the trade. The price you were given for a gram was usually non-negotiable or in some cases incomparable. Whether or not you could even get weed was dependent on who you knew but also if they were available, and your options for variety in form, or strain were few if any.  As of October 17th, (decriminalization day) Canada will have exactly 3 years of buying data collected from each and every province.  As a customer-centric retailer, we’re making changes to our product lineup, to serve you better.

It’s all about the benjamins baby.

Let’s be honest, everything in the world comes down to a dollar amount. What is a gram of weed worth to you? The Black Market had defined the price point for a gram at approx $10 – $15. Relatively a 7g could run you anywhere from $60 up, depending on how good the weed was. The introduction of cannabis into the legal market changed the game when it came to prices.

At Montrose, we always price our products at the best possible value to our customers. We promised a fresh supply to our community, so we also consider the package date of each product when pricing. Currently, you can buy a 3.5g of Blue Dream for $23.41(taxes in), Or a 14g for $81.54 (taxes in). If price is your deciding factor when buying cannabis – forget the 7gs and come in for a 14g, it makes the most “cents”.

Variety is the spice of life!

With peace of mind when it comes to pricing, the next step is the fun part.  Flower, Vapes, Edibles, Hash, Diamonds, Shatter, Resin… the cornucopia of options of cannabis products that are available on the market as we speak is invigorating. Our decision to Send off the 7s category was also influenced by the buying trends of our customers and allows us to provide customers with more options. Thousands of years in the making, the variety in which people can enjoy cannabis has led many of our customers toward new and some may say “easier” forms of consumption than buying flower.  Montrose’s product lineup was designed to include the experienced and engage the newly interested, by carrying cannabis products in every form. By eliminating the 7g category in our store allows us to provide our customers with new and exciting products that the legal market has to offer.  Rather than buy a 7g – why not pick up two different 3.5g and try something new?


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