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All That We Need, Nature Provides.

We wanted to grow a purer, simpler, more sustainable cannabis. We wanted to do things right, work with nature—not against her. If that meant slowing down, paring back and working harder, so be it.

Simply Bare is grown in one of Canada’s first organic certified greenhouses. Our organic cannabis is raised in living soil under the BC sun, slow cured for 14 days and FVOPA certified. You’ll know it the second you open the glass jar and the rich aroma fills the room—this is BC bud done right. Nothing added, nothing taken away: Simply Bare.

Full spectrum light

We grow our cannabis under the full-spectrum light of the sun inside our hybrid greenhouse. But when the weather doesn’t cooperate, our high-efficiency LED lights are there to maintain consistency.

hand trimmed

Harvesting and manicuring by hand protects the trichomes that hold the terpenes and psychoactive properties of the plant. We carefully remove each bud and trim off any excess leaves so it’s ready to be dried and cured.

14 day hang dry

This is a crucial step that cannot be rushed. We use state-of-the-art humidity control systems in our drying rooms to provide the right conditions for our plants to maintain their taste, humidity and terpene levels.

Reusable Packaging

We put as much care into designing our packaging as we do into growing our cannabis. Our fully recycled and reusable glass jars are hand packed with only the choicest buds and then air sealed for maximum freshness.


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