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Our mission: to produce the most sought‑after cannabis products the world has ever seen. Or tasted. Or smelled. It’s an immersive experience, really.

We’re a diverse group of humans brought together by our shared passion for the plant. As a licensed cannabis producer, our goal is to meet the high expectations of Canada’s cannabis consumers. From our grow rooms to our headquarters in beautiful Vancouver, BC, our people work hard every day to deliver on that promise. They’re a little obsessed. It’s kind of a thing.
(We had to mandate naps.)

Outdoor Cultivation

Are we proud of our 200 acres nestled in BC’s picturesque Okanagan? Ask the plants. But not when the weather’s nice and they’re clearly too busy basking in Okanagan sunshine and being nourished by the crystal clear river that runs through the property while I’m just sitting here typing this under very unflattering fluorescents.

Indoor Cultivation

Our team has ample experience growing cannabis indoors, so we figured we’d let them keep delivering that meticulous plant-by-plant attention, quality control, communication and appreciation.

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