10 Tips for Using Cannabis

A surprising lot of people and even legal jurisdictions have found cannabis to be far less harmful than earlier projected.

For this, an increasing number of people are trying out cannabis and its products – whether for recreational or medical purposes.

If you’re one among the numbers who enjoy legal marijuana or you’re looking to join the bandwagon, this article offers 10 pro tips to guide new cannabis users on the cannabis journey and, perhaps, help old users enhance their experience.

Let’s quickly discuss them:

1. Create an expectation

Of course, you’re set for a ‘high’ cruise.

But before you proceed, note that some persons do not get stoned on their first. You too may not – prepare for this possibility.

In many cases, first-timers do not get high because they do not understand the basics.  

But even if you tick all the boxes like a pro, you may still not get the much anticipated. This happens because your liver may instead shrug to a new compound than break it down, the body’s natural way of avoiding poisonous substances. In this case, you may get slightly stoned but too subtle for you to notice.

Whatever the cause, just know that, as with many things, at your first, you may not succeed.

2. Draw slowly and inhale.

Among the many first-timers who say they felt no effect on their first attempts, many did not inhale well enough – they probably just puffed a mouth-load and blew out.

Being your first, remember you’ll most likely cough. It’s nothing unusual.

If you’ve never smoked – weed, tobacco, and what have you – it may be a little tricky to get it right at your first attempt. Smoking with an experienced weed user on your first day will offer a good lead.

3. Be hydrated

‘Cotton mouth’ is a thing.

Smoking, particularly weed, causes a discomforting dry mouth and overall dehydration. So, before you begin, get some fluid handy– water or your preferred beverages. While this may sound common, it’ll make a whole lot of difference on your first experience.

Also, remember the munchies are real.  Hence, before your smoke, you may visit the local grocer or grab your favorite fast food.

Ensure you have them all before you light your smoke. This way, you’d be stepping out stoned.

4. Your smoking clique matters

This goes for both new and old-time smokers.

Although mostly important for newbies, all smokers should be mindful of their smoking circle. With the wrong clique, you may have a terrible high experience.

Also, remember you may become more vulnerable after getting high. Some associations can take undue advantage of you in this state and leave you with regrettable memories.

Instead, choose the people you smoke with as you’d select friends.  It’s a lot enjoyable when smoking with people you find interesting.

5. Gauge your limits – Don’t cross them

Whether from your smoking peers or otherwise, don’t succumb to any pressure to smoke a little more. Not even one more puff if you think you’ve reached your limit. In reality, how much stoned you get affects only you; nobody truly cares.

While there’s hardly ever a thing like a cannabis overdose, using too much cannabis is never a good idea. Besides the possible health effects, too much weed can knock you out and even make you sick.

Nobody awards you for smoking ‘enough.’ Do as much as is enjoyable – anything further may ruin the entire first-time experience.

6. Pass it on

Except it’s your first experience, we all have had that one smoker who obstructs the puff-n-pass flow. They get so carried away, start talking [most times a bunch of irrelevances], and clingy to the weed. Most times, the weed just ashes away.

Puff and pass is one smoking etiquette you should ‘master.’ Also, as you puff, observe, see what others are doing, and follow suit.

7. Smoke only weed

If your first attempt happens in a bar or some concert, mind your weed. Do not drink. While there’s nothing exactly wrong for an experienced user, using weed and other intoxicants causes a synergic effect that may be too hard on you the first time.

8. Start small, increase slowly

Remember THC is the chief cause of the high you get from marijuana. This compound also partly determines whether you’ll develop dependence, withdrawal symptoms, and other cannabis-related health disorders.

Hence, experts warn to take caution when using too-high THC strains. Begin small, watch the effects over an hour or two, then decide whether to top-up your dosage or not.

9. Smoking is cool; the alternatives may be healthier

Although smoking is arguably the oldest and perhaps most popular way people use cannabis, it’s also the most harmful as it directly affects the lungs.

On the other hand, vaping may not be friendly to your lungs; it’s thought a healthier option.

But besides these lung-unfriendly options, you can still benefit as much from cannabis through oral and sublingual doses. These ways are not only safer; they create longer-lasting effects.

However, if you insist on smoking, avoid holding your breath or inhale too deeply. Against popular opinions, these common practices do not necessarily make you ‘higher.’ They, instead, expose your lungs to more toxins.

10. Buy from only trusted dealers

All cannabis products are not produced equally.

Some producers add some extra chemicals to boost potency and, in turn, sales. This may not be healthy. Remember, marijuana inhalation is already harmful in itself, let alone bringing in more chemicals.

Sourcing your weed from reputable sources helps guide against the possibility of such irrelevant added contaminants.

Stay from synthetic marijuana products like spice and K2. These drugs are highly potent and may cause severe issues and, in some cases, death.


With these tips from Montrose Dispensary, your first experience should make sense. As you build on your tolerance level and find a firmer footing, you can explore more ways to enjoy your weed.

Looking for the best quality marijuana products? Visit Montrose Cannabis stock marijuana products and accessories to help enhance your overall marijuana experience.

Not sure where to start from? Take advantage of our free no-obligation consultation and allow us hold you by the hand and walk you through the cannabis world.

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