Travelling with CBD Oil
19 Augs, 2018 - by John Snow | Technology

Travelling with CBD Oil

CBD is a fast-rising compound – widely promoted as a more-natural and safe alternative to many medications. Even, in her report, WHO confirms cannabidiol as safe and well tolerated, even in high doses.Although many territories still perceive cannabis as illicit, its legalization is a wide spreading trend, particularly CBD – a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis.

However, since CBD can be extracted from marijuana and hemp cannabis variants, its legality is conditional cross territories.With these complexities, it’s hard to tell the regulatory lines as per CBD production, sales, and possession across legal territories.

f you’re planning a tour in and outside Canada but not sure of the legal implications, this article walks through some things to note when traveling with CBD in your possession.

With the increasing CBD popularity, chances are that millions of people may be considering traveling with their capsules, CBD oil or any of the different cannabidiol forms.Remember, CBD being legal in your state doesn’t mean you can take it along on your air and road trips.

Let’s discuss some common transport routes and considerations to note.

By Car

Taking a road trip and wish you could go with your CBD?

By car, most likely, you won’t be going interstate/country with your CBD. If correct, then you only need to know what the local laws say.If CBD is a legal commodity within your country, carrying it or its infused products around isn’t a ticketable act – albeit, If the THC content falls under legal limits.

On the train

Traveling by train or other mass transit alternatives has similar provisions.

If you’re traveling within a legal-CBD territory, then you can move around freely with your hemp-based CBD product.For busses and trains with international routes, you should check the CBD regulations in your destination, since some regulatory conditions may vary across countries.

On the plane

Just some years ago, traveling by air with CBD oil in your purse could land you in detention. But the rules have changed, so that you could depart with CBD in your purse, as long as your product is legal.But to be on the safest side, you also want to be sure your destination allows the CBD you’re moving with – otherwise you might be returned to your home country.

In the worst scenario, you can get in jail for possession or smuggling illegal substances.That said, one way to confirm that the THC concentration stays within certain legal limits is to demand for the product’s certificate of analysis.

Within Canada

You can move around Canada with cannabis – whether conveyed in checked luggage or carry-on bagged.Within Canada, the regulations may allow possession of but not more than 30 grams of cannabis at any point.

Disposal bins are provided for at security screening points. You can dispose of any cannabis within your possession before traveling. Such disposed products are collected and disposed of by the RCMPThe rules for intoxicated travellers remain – airline workers are to deny services to intoxicated travellers.

Note worthily, if you’re traveling around Canada legally with weed and your flight gets diverted into the US, you may need to disembark and pass through the custom screenings.In this event, you should relate this with the Canadian embassy immediately, as this could lead to an arrest and detention in the US.When traveling with cannabis in Canada, here are things to note

What is allowed?

As mentioned, 30g-max is the permissible amount of recreational marijuana product you can carry around Canada. Cannabis oil falls below the liquid restrictions – note that you cannot carry over 100ml cannabis oil in your backpack.

If, perhaps for prescribed medical intentions, you have more than this benchmark, you’ll need a permit.Your permit must be consistent with the rules of accessing weed for medical reasons. This’ll save you from a lot of headaches during your trips.

What’s the age limit?

As with alcohol intake, legal marijuana age widely varies across Canada. Before transiting territories and provinces, ensure your destination allows you to land with cannabis.

If you’re not sure about the legal age limitations within your country, check it out. But for Quebec, the government may soon increase cannabis usage age limits from 18 to 21.

Traveling with CBD across the US

With the famous 2018 Farm Bill, moving around the US with CBD has become far much easier. Hemp and hemp-based products are no longer found under the Controlled Substance Act but now classified under agricultural crops.

That is, thenceforth, hemp and its products became legal across the 50 US states. The proviso, however, is that their concentration may not exceed 0.3 THC concentration.However, the individual states are allowed to either go with the federal provision or introduce their unique regulations.

US Travel Security Agency’s

Let’s quickly examine the US Travel Security Agency’s take on traveling with CBD.

The agency prohibits marijuana and certain cannabis-based products (plus some CBD oil) – except they contain, at almost, 0.3% THC concentration or are allowed by FDA.This further projects the federal government’s regulations. You can fly around with your CBD oil, however, as long as it contains not more than 0.3% THC.

With hemp’s naturally low THC and high CBD, most CBD manufacturers prefer to source their oils from hemp plants.Besides that these options reduce the legal hassles associated with THC-rich stains, hemp allows manufacturers to enjoy the gains of cannabis without the undesirable THC effects.

But still, some CBD oil (particularly those extracted from marijuana) contains high levels of THC concentrations. These options shouldn’t go with you anywhere near a plane. THC-rich products across US states are a huge offense, federally – even across legal marijuana states.

Wrap Up

If you’re traveling soon and wondering if you can go along with your CBD product, the guide above should help avoid legal issues.

The regulations may differ based on your take off region and your destination. Whether you’re traveling by car, train or air may determine if [or not] you can come along with your cannabis extract.Importantly, remember the rules vary across territories. So, before you move, ensure you understand the legal provisions at your destination.

To be sure of your products actual ingredients and their concentrations, do well to check the product’s COA (Certificate of Analysis).For more information on using cannabis across legal jurisdictions, check out our resources. If you desire a more personalised experience, feel free to contact experts at Montrose Dispensary for a safe guide to using cannabis products. 

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