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Whether you’re hanging with friends or flying solo, it’s all about feeling confident in knowing you’re enjoying and sharing the best, every time. That’s why we put our expertise into finding new ways to grow, harvest and cure premium strains. 

Your story is our story and we want you to know we’re here for you. We strive to be your source of education, your go-to confidant, and your favourite recreational cannabis brand. Located in Chatham, Ontario, our founders saw a unique opportunity to apply their experience growing with temperature and humidity control to the cultivation and growth of cannabis. Thanks to science-based innovation, rigorous quality control, and pharmaceutical-grade standards, we offer a carefully curated selection of cannabis products for consistently enjoyable, truly personal, and unique experiences.


Vertical Grow

As our name implies, our plants are grown vertically in tiers. Our system is designed to standardize the environment so each plant achieves equal and optimal humidity, temperature, air movement, irrigation water and nutrients as required for balance, optimal growth, resistance to pest and disease with a consistent repeatable product for the end user.

Hang dried

Once harvested, special care is taken in the process to dry our plants. We hang dry, trim and then cure our product.

Hand Trimmed

All Vertical plants are cultivated and trimmed by hand. Our talented team give each plant a whole lot of attention and apply methodical practices to deliver predictable progression of growth which in turn results in a repeatable quality of product for our customers.

Slow Cured

Curing our product is one of the reasons that we can achieve exceptional, consistent, quality flower.


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