What Are Concentrates And Extracts?

Concentrates may be described as distilling the most valuable properties in a plant.

Cannabis concentrates pick all the cannabinoids and terpenes present in the flowers. These products promise a higher concentration of all desirable cannabis properties than the cannabis buds themselves.

These compounds, including terpenes and cannabinoids, produce the effects (both recreational and therapeutic), flavors, and aroma that give cannabis its prized reputation.

These highly desirable properties are stored in the trichrome.

A close look at any high-quality marijuana flower, you’ll see these little wonders for yourself. Although visible all over the cannabis plant parts, they are predominant on the buds.

Concentrates allow users to enjoy the best stuff in cannabis and in different ways. Based on their final form, cannabis concentrates can be used as a stand-alone product, sprinkled into joints, used for meals, or infused into edibles.

Concentrates and Extracts – what are the differences?

Too often, the words concentrate and extracts are used to mean one and the same thing.

While they resemble, there are not entirely the same.

By extracts, we mean a form of concentrate derived by the use of solvent. That means all extracts are called concentrates. But some concentrates are not extracted with a solvent, hence they aren’t called extracts.

Vanilla extract, for instance, is derived from the vanilla bean pods by using alcohol solvent to get the flavorful component named vanillin. Also, this applies to cannabis extracts pulled with the use of supercritical CO2 and butane.

Concentrates extracted without solvents are achieved using careful physical and mechanical approaches to pick and gather the trichrome. Dry sift, rosins, and kief are typical examples of non-solvent concentrates.

Using cannabis concentrates

Although dabbing is arguably the most common way to use cannabis concentrates or extracts, concentrates have other applications.

For clarity, dabbing involves heating of concentrates with a device dab rigs until the product releases cannabis-rich vapor as you puff away.

However, cannabis concentrates work as well in tinctures, vape pens, edibles, topicals, and more.

It can be tricky navigating through the market for a particular concentrate and consumption technique that works best. Before you make your final decision, you should know about the types of extracts and concentrates:

Types Of Cannabis Concentrates

Extracts (Solvent Concentrates)

• Cannabis oils

These refer to the oil naturally extracted from weed. They are pulled from the buds, leaves, or seeds of the cannabis plant.

Cannabis oils can be extracted in different ways, based on the type. Cannabis oils come in different variants, including vaporizer oil, CBD oil, hemp seed oil. While some entail pressing, others are derived from solvent.

These options come in thick liquid appeal and are extracted from CO2. This method of extraction is widely used because it doesn’t require too high temperature to get your oil

The Co2 extraction produces more terpenes wherein the cannabis-rich aroma and flavor reside. Oil concentrates may also be called CO2 oil and commonly used for disposable vapes and vape cartridges.

• Butane hash oil (BHO) hydrocarbon extracts

Also referred to as hydrocarbon extracts, Butane hash oil (BHO) are cannabis extracts obtained by the use of butane and propane solvents.

Extractors commonly use this method. It preserves the primary cannabinoids and terpenes – unlike some tougher methods that mess up cannabis’s chemical properties.

Hydrocarbon extracts come in different potency levels and are popularly made for dabbing.

• Distillate oil

Distillate oil maintains a high concentration of terpenes throughout the extraction process. This oil goes through a thorough refinement process to obtain the essential compounds, particularly CBD and THC, and little or no flavor-rich terpene.

The distillate is commonly used for cartridges and vape pens. To add some flavor and aroma, terpenes are usually added to distillates.

The pure form of this extract is usually present in topical products and edible, which do not necessarily require a flavorful effect.

• Shatter

These amber-colored concentrates are derived through the hydrocarbon extraction method. They come in a glass-like appeal that may be broken (shattered) into pieces.

This tough candy-like product is thought to be cannabis concentrates in its purest form.

Usually, shatter is taken through an extra refinement process to improve its potency.

• Wax

Wax resembles shatter, but the former comes much softer and stickier than the latter.

Wax comes in yellowish golden-textured concentrate, which is usually used with a dabbing tool due to its stickiness. It can also be used in rigs or vapes.

• Crumble

Waxes may be made drier by increasing moisture and heat during extraction. The resultant product is crumbled or honeycomb, coined from its close resemblance to a beehive.

To extract crumbles, some post-extraction refinements are required to collect the softer oil and build it into its honeycomb appeal.

• Live Resin

Obtaining these concentrates involves freezing materials from cannabis plants to preserve the cannabinoid profile. With this extraction process, the terpenes are protected and preserved like in live plants. The matter comes glossy or shiny with amber to golden colors.

Solventless Concentrates

As mentioned, solvent-less concentrates are obtained without solvent chemicals. Here are two common forms of solventless concentrates:

• Budder

Here’s a solventless hash oil created by modifying rosin and with little heat to obtain batter texture. This creamier extract is prized for its aroma and is easy to use for dabbing.

• Rosin

As with most non-solvent cannabis concentrates, rosin is extracted through pressure and heat. The product comes with a thick deep yellow syrup-like nature which contains a lot of aromas and terpenes.

Rosin is also commonly made from a hydraulic press which is obtainable with at-home devices and commercial-grade tools. This makes the product a common one for DIYers extractors.

Wrap Up

As you journey the cannabis world, it’s essential to understand the different products out there and how they work. This way, you’d be confident about what you dose and how to get the best experience from your weed.

If you’re just starting out in the cannabis world or seeking more ways to enjoy cannabis and all its benefits, check up our free resources or discuss with one of our cannabis experts.

At Montrose Cannabis, we are always ready to hold you by the hand and walk you through the world of cannabis.

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