What Is Shatter?

As marijuana legalization surges across increasing quarters, manufacturers and consumers are eyeing more potent ways to exploit cannabis-infused products.

Among the available options, shatter is a worthy mention. This cannabis concentrate has gained remarkable recognition in the marijuana community.

What Is Shatter?

Shatter is made with solvents, commonly butane or CO2. To obtain CO2 shatter and related concentrates (like wax, BHO), extractors place the necessary marijuana plant components, forcing a solvent through to extract cannabinoids.

This process can cause several damages: Hence, it requires some level of knowledge and proper handling of chemicals used. Many DIY attempts have caused several reports of fire, explosion, and injuries, influenced by the wrongful applications and equipment.

The end product is a rock-hard substance richer in THC than your traditional cannabis flowers. Shatter and other products, like budder, and wax, are collectively called dabs, and the act of smoking them is referred to as dabbing.

Wax Vs. Shatter – know the difference

Understandably, many use the terms shatter, wax, and crumble interchangeably. Mainly, the key difference is their varied consistency. For shatter BHO, it turns out a runny and gooey oil, crumble, and wax can be waxy, while shatter can come in a rugged glasslike appeal.

The outcome of these processes depends on the manufacturers’ choice of material. While some cannabis strains offer a product that is quickly hardened, others come softer.

Some manipulations and processing may also determine whether you get a crumble or a shatter. But irrespective of the form, all these concentrates pursue a common goal – to hold a far higher potency than regular marijuana herbs.

Some experienced BHO producers make their shatter undergo further purification to rip off the fat, wax, terpenes, butane, and related third-party materials, making the end product highly concentrated and a lot stronger.

Smoking shatter

All dabs – including shatter – require a dab rig, dab pen, or water pipe tweaked to allow dabbing.

With the small, discreet, and relatively cheap nature of dab pens, their usage is increasingly popular. However, One notable issue with vaporizers is that their weak batteries and underheating elements do not heat the concentrates well enough. This impacts the volume of your hits, the general flavor, and, in turn, your overall smoking experience.

The most common way to use shatter is dabbing.

Dabbing shatter requires a dab rig – a tool that usually comes with a metal’ nail” or glass banger channeled to a water pipe.

To get the best from your shatter, the concentrate may require a good amount of heat for a good vapor.

To heat the nail which holds the concentrates, many opt for a handheld torch. E-nails, short for electric nails, strike out the use of open flames, thereby reducing the risk of fire and burns.

Do not hold in the hits for long, as it gives no higher effect but may only trigger irritation in your lungs.

To get the most effect, breathe in before your hit and draw in your smoke slowly. Slow and gentle drags may reduce the chance of coughing and related effects of irritations commonly experienced among first-timers.

What should I expect from shatter usage?

Since smoking shatter excludes fire and combustion, dabbing proponents usually refer to shatter’s vapor as ‘cleaner’ than other inhalable methods like traditional smoking.

If you’re looking to use THC-concentrated products, shatter offers more potency than any cannabis strain can deliver.

For clarity, your typical weed strains contain between 20 to 30% THC; shatter may have as much as 80% THC concentration.

Even more, the super-high effect comes fast. Intriguingly but true, a single hit of potent THC shatter may deliver greater potency than consuming an entire average-sized joint.

You should expect faster delivery of the high, calm mind relaxation and all the adverse effects of weed, including heaviness, paranoia, dry mouth, and whatnot.

Medical Uses of Shatter

As with any cannabis product, shatter may deliver even more potent treatment for several health considerations, including:

  • Muscle spasticity
  • Appetite and nausea
  • Pain

Depression and anxiety

Is shatter edible?


But note that the desired effect may only come if the shatter is decarboxylated and how you consume it.

For clarity, decarboxylation entails activating cannabis’s high-causing properties through heating. For oral consumption, consume shatter with fat or oil. This enables the cannabinoids to get absorbed easily.

How do I store Shatter?

Purity is a core consideration among shatter manufacturers. Proper storage and handling help keep your concentrate clean and contaminant-free. This is mainly a concern for medicinal purposes since patients have a need for bacterial- and germs-free ways to use cannabis.

To preserve your shatter concentrate’s cleanness, handle the concentrate with parchment paper or gloves. This way, the bacteria and oil on your hands do not contaminate your shatter.

Ensure your shatter sits on a non-stick surface. This prevents leaving behind residues when you pick up your concentrate.

Regardless of the storage efficiency, over time, shatter turns into budder. This conversion becomes faster with exposure to heat or an extended period at room temperature. To retain your shatter’s hardness for long, store your concentrate in cold and dark conditions inside an airtight container.

Thankfully, you’ll find some non-stick containers specially designed for wax, crumbles, shatter, and related concentrates. An airtight jar and parchment paper will help prevent sticking.

If you wish to freeze, separate the dabs with parchment paper for easy portioning when you’re ready to use them. However, with freezing, you may face the problem of condensation, as the concentrate breaks down quickly due to moisture.

Ensure you keep your storage can dry, preventing condensation formation.

Do you wish to learn more about shatter and/or related high potent cannabis concentrates? Feel free to explore our helpful resources or discuss with us.

At Montrose Dispensary, our experts are always ready to hold you by the hand through the cannabis world and make your experience all smooth and enjoyable.

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