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More Than Cannabis.

WINK is dedicated to duality and differences. We curate unique cannabis products, but we are always aiming to offer much more, including our merchandise, views, and uplifting the community through our 10% for good initiative. ​

Different. Curated. High Contrast.​

WINK is different, in a good way. We pair our expertise with the best cultivators, and we channel that energy into finding unique products and experiences for you.​

No additives

WINK vapes feature a custom formulation using a single-sourced winterized oil. Our vapes are broad spectrum, which means they carry the natural terpene profile and cannabinoids of the plant. ​

pay it forward

At the heart of WINK is a promise to do good. Through our 10% FOR GOOD initiative, we donate 10% of our gross profits back to transformative causes that put people and planet first.​


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Our goal is to serve cannabis excellence sourcing premium exotic hard-to-find-strains at an affordable price! Order online, get it delivered for free with no minimum order. Stay high, stay happy.

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