Consuming Cannabis

Know more about Cannabis: Flower, Concentrates, & Edibles

Know more about Cannabis: Flower, Concentrates, & Edibles

Edibles, flowers, and concentrates are three major cannabis consumption options.Choosing one over another all depends on individual preferences, including lifestyle and expected effect.These products are available in different forms, each with their unique consumption routes and effect delivery.

Are you wondering how these different options differ and which to prefer? This article should be an interesting read, explaining the different cannabis forms and their uniqueness.

Edibles, flowers, and concentrates are three major cannabis consumption options.Choosing one over another all depends on individual preferences, including lifestyle and expected ffect.These products are available in different forms, each with their unique consumption routes and effect delivery.

Cannabis Flowers

Cannabis flowers, also called buds, are the dried smokable cannabis herbs. This form usually comes to mind when people mention cannabis. Cannabis buds are popularly consumed through spliff, blunt, and joint.

What are the differences?

Typically, spliff is a mix of both weed and tobacco to create a joint-cigarette hybrid.Joints, on the other hand, are cannabis-only rolls and usually come with a filter.  The definitions may, however, vary across locations.Blunts are bigger cigar-like cannabis rolls made with cigarillo/cigar papers, which give the roll a dark brown shade.

You can also consume herbs through a bong or pipe.Bongs are usually stationed for home use while pipes are a bit more straightforward and a bit more compact and mobile.Although pipes are usually available in glass material, some come in ceramic, silicone, wooden, or metal construction.

Cannabis flowers also work well for vaporizers; an alternative thought healthier and safer than smoking.Talking popularity, weed smoking is chief, being the most direct way to consume cannabis and enjoy its high without too much upfront expenses on accessories.

Besides, smoking herbs is relatively more convenient and quick.Even more, smoking cannabis releases effects that strike in a matter of seconds and peaks in about 30 minutes. The high derived from smoked herbs stays for anywhere between one to three hours.

Pros of cannabis flowers

  • Cannabis flowers are widely available
  • Inhalation delivers the fastest effect
  • Relatively cost effective
  • Administration is straightforward and simple


  • Cannabis smokers are the most stigmatized of all cannabis users.
  • Smoking leaves a residual smell on clothes and hair
  • Smoke in itself contains chemicals that can be harmful
  • Smoke can irritate your respiratory system.

Cannabis Edibles

Pot brownies are arguably the most popular type of cannabis edibles. However, as the market burgeons, there’s a cannabis infused variant for practically any dish class.Whether lollipops, gummy worms, or an uplifting cup of tea, several options are available to get you stoned.

Besides, you can opt for CBD-rich edibles, if you detest THC’s high effects.

Dosing weed-packed edibles is no rocket science – it’s nothing different from consuming your favourite food or drinks.Individual metabolism is one key factor that determines the resultant effect from your cannabis edibles. For this, experts warn to start with low doses and increase the portions, slowly, over time.

Unlike smoking, edibles’ effects come rather slowly, as it takes time for the digestive system to process the cannabinoids. But the effects stay much longer.So, because the desired effects don’t come immediately doesn’t mean they won’t come eventually.

While it may take about 30 to 45 minutes for some users to feel the effect from oral doses, some others say it takes up to two hours before the effects trickle in.Although the sensation may come slowly, averagely, the ‘high’ stays for about 4 to 6 hours [sometimes 12 hours] based on product concentration and dosage amount.


  • No typical smell associated with smokers
  • The effects stay way longer
  • Discreet and ideal for on-the-go users
  • The effects linger comparatively longer


  • Since they contain your normal food ingredients, expect loads of fats, calories, and sugars

The effects come relatively slower, increasing the tendencies of an overdose

Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are created by carefully extracting target cannabinoids and terpenes from the marijuana plant.Interestingly, these concentrates deliver far higher potency and faster results than the other forms of cannabis.For clarity, while your most potent marijuana buds may contain about 20 to 30 percent THC concentration, concentrates can boast as much as 80 percent THC concentration – or even more.

Intriguingly, a simple puff on your cannabis concentrate [like your dab] can deliver as much effect as a full blunt can offer.Wax, budder, honey oil, dabs, shatter, are all common examples of concentrates.Vapor from these products are usually inhaled after being heated with a dab rig or vaporizer. With the right device, cannabis concentrates can deliver the most flavourful, smoothest, and most potent effect.

Dab rigs require the use of blowtorch to apply heat. Alternately, a smart rig, with e-nail, doesn’t demand external heating and works as well.That said, concentrates deliver a super-fast effect which comes almost immediately after your first draw.The result reaches peak in about 30 minutes and lingers for between one to three hours.But starting out on your cannabis adventure, the cost of purchasing necessary dabbing/vaporizing equipment can be a bit expensive.



  • Dab rigs can look complex for first timers
  • You don’t feel the typical earthy cannabis experience
  • With its super-high effect, it’s easy to go overboard with your doses

Some vaping devices come with expensive price tags and with complex operating processes

Cannabis flowers, concentrate, and edibles – which is best?

If you’ve read this far, you may find it even more confusing settling for one among the reviewed alternatives. but no worries.Here’s the fact: there is no one specific right way to explore cannabis and all its benefits.It all boils down to individual preferences and some bit of experimenting. And, trust me, such experiments can be a whole exciting experience.In fact, you may want to play around the options [but carefully] and find one that works best for your condition and lifestyle.

But on your initial attempts, ensure you try the options individually and in small doses.As time goes and experience grows, you can gradually explore more mixes.That said, remember the golden rule remains — begin with low doses and slowly work up the doses to a more personalized amount.For more information on how to maximize the cannabis dosage options, check up our resources or discuss with one of our staff at Montrose Dispensary for a guide.We are always poised to make your cannabis journey a smooth, safe, and enjoyable experience.